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Dont buy any of Ford pickups or cars with any of these engines; they have had a engineering problem since 1999 to present with blowing spark plugs out of the heads. Stripping the plug holes out of the head.

Once you have one repaired at high cost, the rest will follow.with no help from ford.buyer b ford is a f-150 supercrew xlt 2004. mileage is 76,000 miles.started with a popping sound from under the hood.

called dealerabout it , and told that this was a common problem.went to the internet and looked up ford 5.4 ford engine problems the search confirmed it was a problem from mad consumers.

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Montague, Michigan, United States #689268

I have a Ford150 conversion van 1999 around 100,000 the engine failed...bought a new in the box motor. Cost with installation over $10,000.

Now it is dead again. Second motor is at 100,000. A piece of junk. Always changed the oil every 3,000 miles.

Over all I paid for that new conversion van twice with repairs and purchase cost. I will never buy another Ford product again.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #655280

I bought a new one in 2006. Have NOT had any problems with it what so ever.

to Anonymous Springfield, Missouri, United States #655403

your turn's a commin

just wait , or should I say

Ka Poooow

when it does , best sell it quck before it does , bet it's been worked on . mb has had that issue sub-fixed

only real way to fix , raise it up , put a CHEVY under , NOW you got a Real Truck

Done with FORD ( JUNK )


i have a ford f-150. i have tried for three week to get a return line for my power steering.

i order two an they were wrong. got one order from fairway ford now for two weeks. ford motor co. not helping one thing.

i gave 35,ooo. for the truck. it 4 years old. have it park in my drive way now.

when i go pick my grand child up every moring.

my wife take me there an i have to call my sister to come pick me up to take me back home. fool once fool no more


:( We need to get our money's back

let's fourm a colition

Make FORD pay back

storm the walls

:( :(


:( Wonderful . HAHA what a Joke

there should be a LAW

put FORD ( JUNK ) out of business

I have the so not pleasurre of ownning 1

V/8 with spark plug blow out problem


guess what seem's every one but me knew about this

well I guess I'm the bumby now

FORD's laughn they $$$ off

all the way to the BANK

Pay up FORD

I want my car fixed

it's your fault

badly made product

I'm not the only one

National Recall


where's our bail out !!! :( :( :( :(


I have over 250,000 mile on my 5.4 Triton V8 with no problems. I was a Chev fan, but the price was right so I but a Ford. The buy I ever made.


Ford Expedition Triton V-8 engine blew a spark plug out of the head of my vehicle also. dealer only fix too.

Cost me $1200.00 no recall from Ford they say it's not their problem with the's an issue with spark plugs!! Bull____ is all I can say. It's usually the number 3 hole but others blow also. When it happens to some trucks, the engine catches on fire and they burn to the ground...also not Ford's problem.

It's also a rust bucket...the pieces are just falling off one at a time. I'll be buying a different brand vehicle next time, probably Toyota or Chevy.

FORD...Found on Road Dead...Fix or Repair Daily...Fuc___d on Race Day. they all fix.


I have a 2008 F-150 5.4 Triton with 76000 miles and have been noticing that the motor was making a grinding noise. After having it looked at the mechanic had said that the cam phaser's are going bad.

Not noticeable while driving at higher RPM'S but at low speeds and starting the truck you can hear a sound that is disturbing. This sounds like ball bearings clanging together or lifters going bad. It is unfair that this issue is happening so early on. Customer care has documented my complaint but is not going to help.

Anyone have any issues like this or if you have any issues prior to your 60000 mile powertrain warranty expires best to have it looked at. The sound usually is more noticeable around 1000 to 1500 RPM'S be aware.

to Anthony from MIchigan Chelsea, Michigan, United States #1293552

Had the exact same issue just recently on my 2008 Ford F-150. Had the cam phasers replaced, 55K miles.

This is the second motor, first motor ran so bad it sounded like it was coming apart.

Had the motor replaced and the mechanic pulled the timing cover off and found the timing chain guides laying in the bottom and the adjusters were froze. Like my Ford but what a sh.tty engine.


:( I drove a 2006 F350 super duty with the Triton 5.4 for over 100k before I had any issues. Then it lost power and burned out primary and secondary cats.

It\'s been in the shop six times in the last year for the same problem with no determination from Ford as to what is causing the problem. Lubber\'s Ford in Cheney Ks. has changed everything from spark plugs, injectors, fuel pump, O2 sensors, muffler, exhaust manifolds, to diagnosing to no avail. This truck has been in their service department for at least four months overall, as well as Midwest Fords\' shop in Hutchinson Ks for at least a month and a half.

I received a call from Lubber\'s Ford two weeks ago to pick up the truck, but to drive it at my own risk because no one can isolate the problem and fix it. The truck is currently dry docked in our warehouse because it will cost to much to allow the catalyst to fail again. Not to mention it can be up to two months wait for the repair parts to be made and delivered to their repair shop. The exhaust system has been replaced twice already at roughly eight thousand dollars a pop.

I\'ve went to Fords\' customer service with this problem and all they tell me is to stay in contact with my local Ford shop for any updates or ideas on how to correct the problem. This is unacceptable! It is not my responsibility to chase after an incompetent bunch of idiots for a solution to a problem that they should already have the answer to. I realize that sometimes Ford designs a poor quality product, and the poor bastards at the shop have to deal with it, but that is not my problem.

There should be accountability by Ford for their products, and they should be trained to handle these issues.

This truck cost over $70k with all the options needed for me to be able to go out and do my job as a field service tech and I cannot do my job because the truck has been the shop six months of the year. I have owned plenty of Fords in the past, but I\'ll never buy a new one as long as I live.


:cry my 2000 f150 triton v8 is very sluggish ,,i had plugs replace and still sluggish time to burn it and get insurance

Arlington, Washington, United States #10821

hey dan i would rather have a coil pack go out on my ford then the entire crank shaft on a toyota.

Braintree, Massachusetts, United States #3023

Definitly just had the same problem yesterday, except mine went fast...yes im a girl but i know my engines ive grown up with them...and mine started with a popping sound thought it was just the spark plugs...i replaced them and then it started burning oil like crazy...basically i have been babying my truck for the past 9 months...and then yesterday it decided to kick the bucket...definitly blew a head...and its not looking good...yea i would say im pissed.

Los Gatos, California, United States #2743

Yup, had the same problem this past Friday. Before this, had a recurring problem with ignition coils going out.

Each one costs $70 and the labor is about the same. First one went out around 92,000 miles, the next one around 96,000. There's one per cylinder, so this could get costly. Big flaw in head design for spark plugs.

Before these problems, I was a firm believer in Ford and their products. Now I can see why Toyota overtook them as the number two in USA, and probably will overtake Chevrolet next.

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