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bought a ford 2010 fox2 f150 that dies ,poor gas mileage ,vibration in rear end drive shaft fell off,dealer cant match paint Computer gives weird readings, smokes, uses oil. answers from dealership and ford cant reproduce problem (soot all over ex pipe) filed complaint ford sent mech data recorder installed no problems found filed lemon law new ford make ran truck gas to empty made a joke of it no problems found. Took judge for ride showed smoke vibration slows down coming down hills when I received summation and decision no problems noticed fords statement of trucks use oil between oil changes and i was over the average yearly of mileage I have a truck that will die and cant get decent mileage cant even get a decent trade in value to get rid of it come what is the saying by the commercial ford is job one.I just wanted to vent as a consumer that is supposed to be protected by the system that doesn't work

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Truck.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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The industry saradntd is still 10w-30,but this is because motor oils have changed while perceptions have not,most motor oils are blended with the same levels of petrochemicals as the next to insure the ability to meet the minimum saradntds of today's automakers,having said that you have to consider the offerings of synthetic and synthetic blend motor oils,due to the age of your truck you probably would not want to use most of the synthetic motor oils however Pennzoil,Quaker State,Castrol,as well as others do offer high mileage motor oils in synthetics and blends,I would recommend a high quality 10w-30 conventional motor oil,in summer use witch is recommend for temps of 35f to 100f in most gasoline engines, or 5w-30 for temps of 10f to 70f although a lot of newer cars require 5w-30 and 5w-20 all seasons due to close tolerances.Petroleum Distributor for 22 years. Was this answer helpful?

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