I have been afoot for 5 days now waiting on a fuel pump for 2004 F150 since the dealership does not have a loaner vehicle. Funny thing, when I bought a 4 year old Ford from a Chrysler dealership with no warranty, they could give me a loaner.

But Ford dealerships won't provide a loaner on a Ford product with the warranty. Guess they don't like to back their own JUNK. Apparently all the loaners are out because none of the Fords run??

If you are thinking of buying a Ford, all I can say is think again!

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Lagunillas, Zulia, Venezuela #14326

Ford dealerships are an agent of the Ford Motor Company and Ford should hold them all to a certain standard. I have one better -- I have a 2007 Ford Focus.

I have taken it in on three occassions for warranty work and the dealership refuses to do any warranty work. They want you to pay out of pocket or file for insurance because they get paid more money for the same work.

Ford Motor Customer Service was absolutely no help -- they said it is up to the dealership and the dealership says it is up to Ford Motor Company. Bottom line is no one will do the warranty work and Ford Motor Company encourages dealers by giving them incentives if they have low warranty repairs.

Arlington, Washington, United States #10819

dont blame ford because the dealership you took it to wont give you a loaner car. there are many dealers who would give you one.

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