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I just got off the phone with FMC, this was my 4th call with the company. I reported the issue of rust to my local dealership who took pictures and submitted them to FMC and ask me to contact FMC Customer Relations to open a case. I have also followed up with a detailed letter of my frustration and disappointment in a company I was so proud of for not taking the government bailout during the 2008 economic crisis. So proud, that my husband and I purchased stock in FMC.

My 2010 Ford F150 FX4 has two rust spots on the cab area. Both of the spots are not "perforated" as FMC requires in order for the company to honor their 5yr corrosion warranty. They don't seem to care that within the next 2.5 years there will be perforation and it will require much more work to correct the issue, since the dealership has already pointed out the waterspot on the interior cab caused from the rust.

Ford continues to stand on their "perforation" disclaimer, assuming they will get lucky and not have to take care of another rust issue with one of their vehicles.

I am frustrated to the point that I am considering never purchasing another Ford vehicle and discouraging anyone I know from purchasing a Ford, for this very reason. I live in Texas, which is "Truck Country". With all the social media outlets, it will not be hard for me to get the word out. I appreciate pissedconsumer.com for offering me the chance to communicate my discontent with Ford Motor Company.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hey everybody! I just browsed through these threads and was curious if any action had been taken?

I bought a 2012 F-150 was always a Chevy man. I love this truck just can't believe the rust under the doors is as bad as it is! I also have a short advice the windshield to left that's starting to bubble.

I haven't contacted anyone and hope don't want to bother after reading all your posts! Is this chalked up as a loss or is the any way to address the issues and get these problems taken care of?


All Ford F-150 owners need to get together and protest against FMC get the word out that f150 are junk and ford doesn't stand behind its products , I myself believe ford trucks were tuff now I think they're a pile of rust , junk and I courage people to stay clear of Ford products


I have a 2010 fx4 f150 and the rocker panels are completely rusted out the truck bed is rusted the cab is rusting it is insane... Is there anything I can do I'm paying way to much truck for this to happen


i agree totally


I have a 2010 Escape with 61k miles on it. It is parked in the garage every night and washed at least once a week.

My passenger side wheel well is rusted and Ford pretty much told me .. gee sorry about your luck. Since mine started to rust I have been watching all the Fords and they all have that problem. Ford has issued a "problem report" sonthey know they have an issue, but they refuse to do anything.

I will drive mine till it dies because it is paid for. But I will NEVER buy another Ford. I tell everyone I know not to buy Fords for this reason. I told Ford that also but they don't care.

Customer service SUCKs. This is my last Ford

to Anonymous #1535505

Actually, this is a known recall issue on this vehicle and model year. Hopefully you were able to get this resolved?


I have a 2009 Ford Escape limited. I bought it new in May 2009.

It has only 17,818 miles on it. It sits in the garage collecting dust and the right rear quarter panel is rusting out from the inside out.

I called FMC customer service and they will not fix this obvious manufacturer defect!! I will never buy another ford product in my life


thanks for posting this, I will NOT buy a Ford again. Ours is 75k and the bottom is all rusted.


I have a 2010 f150 4x4crew cab bed side rusting and cab corners only 62000 miles I live in central Illinois had a 2007 Chevy with no rust at all will not buy another ford

to Anonymous #1464166

Thanks I have a 3010 Escape and rear wheel wells are rusted. Ford says sorry about your luck.

This is my last Ford also. I am telling everyone I know to not buy a Ford


got a 2006 f150...wheel wells on bed are totally rusty......ford wont do anything about it,yet I heard Toyota is replacing beds on theirs for the same reason......

my 94 f150 has less rust than my 06..

ford quality????



Lawrence, Kansas, United States #1259519

FORD, GM, HONDA.....whatever brand. They all have the same rust through perforation policy. It isn't just Ford.


I have a 2010 f150 XLT showing lots of rust on both rocker panels.

It's my weekend car, not even a daily driver. Piece of ***!! I'll never by junk Ford products again

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1194179

Having the same thing. 2010 F150 4x4 supercrew. Driver side at the rear bottom of the cab.

to Anonymous #1378344

Must be common spot, same truck same year same spot

to Grencavich Vincent #1526347

I have same problem with my 2010 F150 4x4 crew cab truck. Both driver and passenger side cab caps rusted and the fenders have bubbled up and started to rust.


My 2010 F-150 truckbed is starting to rust out. Only has 71000 miles.

I live in Virginia and we have mild winters with little snow. FMC says its a dealership issue. The dealership won't do anything about it.

Don't buy from Sheehy Ford of Richmond. $2500 to repair rust damage.


I have a 2014 F150 Already rusting in the frame and lots of parts bad, only 15000 miles ...fighting with them now , probable will have to contact the better business bureau,what a head ache....

Crestwood, Kentucky, United States #1139195

I've got a simular problem on my 2013 ford exployer. My hood has corrosion all around the front.

Found out its an aluminum hood. It's not a hole yet but it's corroded underside and outside. They only want to pay half if the price to fix. So the problem is the warranty is from the company that writes the warranty .

It is noted with me now , that this is the Ford company name they want to be . I didn't expect this from Ford . The price on my xlt was just under 40,000$ . I didn't expect to be driving a car I bought new in 2013 in 2016 with a body that is starting to look 10 years old.

My 2004 Ford f250 has no rust or corrosion . Buyers beware of the new aluminum .

It's lighter but looks like it won't hold up as well. Thanks for reading.

to Tim M #1331948

All the aluminum does is make them easier to push when they quit.

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