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The "repair" they made did not hold up.This is the 2nd time it has almost killed us. Waiting on a reply from legal counsel at Ford. It is definitely totaled with the damage. I guess enough people haven't died yet to do a mass recall. Even if you had the recall done, it obviously doesn't work. How many families traveling 70 mph down the highway with this faulty vehicle need to die? Thanks Ford for making our cars DEATH TRAPS. FORD WINDSTAR. I hope many see this post and start demanding their cars be replaced before they kill someone.

My initial complaint attached also This was when the sub frame collapsed and the car fell apart:

I have to say I was completely shocked by the lack of customer service by their service manager Larry Porter and their public relation person. We had our car frame severe in half while driving the vehicle down the road. The axle dropped out the side of my car and the engine made an awful noise. The motor dropped as this happened and the car was unable to move. I had to have it towed (at my expense $89) to the dealership because they wouldn't come and get it. It was towed and I inspected the vehicle because I had to sign a release of damage with the towing company. THERE WAS NO DAMAGE TO THE FRONT OF THE CAR. Had their been damage I would have called my insurance company to file a claim.

My husband and I went to see the next day how long it would take to get the car fixed and noticed the bumper was dented. My husband spoke to Larry Porter the service manager for all their dealerships and he said it looked like old damage and is was rusted, It is a plastic bumper people it won't rust. The front tire would not move and they had to bring a tow truck with dolleys to get it to the lot. What I think happened is they had trouble getting into the garage because the passenger was dropped to the ground and put something on the front to pry the front end up to drag it into the garage causing a dent in the bumper.

We confronted the service manager Larry Porter and he said his reputation is worth more than our word that the car did not have that dent. They said they would review the lot tapes to see how it happened no one ever called to let us know if they saw how it was damaged.

The service manager Larry said he would have our van to us the next day. We asked for a courtesy vehicle which is customary when a car is recalled and must stay with the lot. He would not give us one. We asked for a meeting with the owner to discuss the damage to our car they would not schedule it.

The next day Larry called saying they would be giving us a rental because they would have the car for a week. Well a week turned into almost a month. I picked up the car and they handed me a service list saying the left tire rod was loose, the brakes needed to be replaced and the transmission case had a hole in it. Let's see a car drops on one side and that wouldn't put stress on the left tire rod as Larry had said. The axle spinning out of its housing unit and grinding as it did would not damage the vehicle according to Larry. The transmission case drags across the ground as the car comes to stop and that would not damage the car according to Larry.

My car now hops forward as its riding down the road and has trouble going up hills. This all happened to the car when it was in the accident from the recall. Neither Larry or their pr rep. would schedule an appointment with the owner to express our concerns. They would not even give me the number to corporate.

I would advise anyone needing this recall to go to a different dealership. I would also advise anyone about to drop a lot of money in this economy on a car from them to think twice. If this is how they treat someone with a valid warranty claim how will they treat you if your brand new car has an issue.

The sub frame was replaced and they even used the old hardware to save money. My brand new sub frame is held together with my rusty old bolts. I fear for the next accident hopefully my children won't be in the car this time.

So no we are in round three of this death trap of a van. The customer service representative asked me. "What would you like Ford to do?" I want a car that is not continually falling apart. I wanted a buy back option in the beginning. i feel that a significant percentage above blue book is required at dealer price levels. I kept the van after the first repairs because I could not afford another vehicle and I could not bring myself to sleep at night worrying about the person and their family I sold it to.

I see no reason why the buy back option should not be available to me and others out there with these repairs that are faulty. I guess enough people haven't died for the corporate people to lose sleep and bring back the vehicles that can kill others because of manufacturer defects. Jessica Simpson naked photos here. What is that? Obama ends national debt. Clippers slay racist owner. Just a couple things at the end here to key word my rant so people can see it. Please share the images on Facebook and with family and friends that you love. This will kill someone if it hasn't already.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1270683

Ford and GM don't care if they kill people, the cars they sell are junk and they are the worst companies to try and get to honor a safety recall. I deal with most makes and models on a daily basis and I will never own a POS FORD, GM or VW/Audi product. Kia makes better cars and that is saying something


My uncle had an 86 Taurus that when I took it for a short drive I felt the back end was going to vibrate off the unibody. Turns out the thing was under 4 recalls and he did not know about any of them despite his habit of taking the vehicle to the dealer exclusively. Ford allegedly admitted that they calculate the dollar value of lawsuits arising from injury or death against the cost of doing the repair, whichever is less expensive is the route taken ala the Pinto.


First-go buy a new empty 3"binder, a ton of refill paper, 24 pack pens & everyone that you speak to get their name, location, job title, and phone # or extension. If they're helpful ask for their managers name/email to send a complimentary letter.

If their not helpful or rude ask to be connected to their supervisor! If supervisor isnt in ask to be connected to their supervisor.

Who to call?

-Contact the branch of Government that

issues recalls.

-Contact an attorney!

-Contact your local News Stations & tell them your story -Contact local newspapers & tell them you're having a news conference (anywhere close to Dealership on Public property (easement in front of dealership?). Ask attorney to be there. If not possible write out notes, speak slowly & concisely. Few tears never hurt.

What a financial burden (& emotional torment) it's been. Go to Staples or Office Depot & have copies of your vehicle pics made into architectural prints (huge & around $5). Get huge poster board foam or wood veneer, anything inexpensive & sturdy. Glue or caulk pics onto boards & put "legs" on them.

Have them around & behind you at news conference. You might call Dealer after your news conference is set up, and tell them they just might want to have the owner of the Company meet with you before. Just do not bluff. Friday rush hour is a great time or Saturdays during early afternoon (1 ish), for heavier traffic.

Ask everyone you know to show up. Have them make signs to show passing traffic. You're not doing anything illegal if you do not disrupt traffic, either cars or pedestrians. Balloons tied around help draw attention - make up great fliers to hand out -1 page w/pics & short version of your trauma with your vehicle & how the dealership only cared about you & your family before you bought the car.

Thank God no one was hurt with a vehicle that's a ticking death trap! Good Luck & don't let them get away with it! Also-call VP of Car Mfg at headquarters.

You'll talk to their administrative assistant who has power! Tell your story with an "poor us-what can we do"...& see how fast they fix the problem.


the recall is to prevent rust. It is not to fix it.once that housing has begun to rust you should have had the presence of mind to replace it and pay for it.

New York, United States #963432

Wow I saw this and had to check out my 2003 Windstar that I recently bought. My frame and rear axle look great and I have 231,000 miles on it so I suspect that it had been replaced as there is a invoice sticker on it that looks pretty new.

I had an 85 Chevy Celebrity that I recently got rid of and it had no frame or rear axle problems and the things going on 30 years old. But the floor boards did start to to go. But now looking at this now I get nervous driving the Ford and every time I hear a strange noise I think that something like that's going to happen. Thank you for the post because from now on I will keep an eye and every few months I will inspect it as I have a three-year-old that goes in it but I can't afford another on minimum wage.

If looks like it's going to turn for the worse and won't I won't think twice about junking it. That's what I did with that celebrity because of the way the floorboards were, the seat starting to sag I didn't trust selling it to somebody and not have them fix it the way it should've been fixed.

to GMlover Mountain View, California, United States #963452

I speak with anyone I see driving one. I think eventually they may do a recall.

Be sure your subframe was replaced as well. That was the first accident. The front wheel popped off and the axle came out the side ruining the car.

It now sits in my driveway and I don't drive it. the engine has never been right since the first accident.


What year is this car and how many miles are on it?

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