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The paint is peeling, in huge sheets, from my Windstar Van. I have seen other Windstar Vans with this same problem.

The paint is coming off in sheets from the rear door, there is very little paint left on the door. The hood and front also have very large bare areas where the paint has peeled.

I emailed Ford, and what a joke that was.

My emails were answered by 4 different people, and not one of them had a good answer, except "we are not going to do anything about this."

The peeling paint is definitely a problem caused by an inferior paint job at the factory. However, Ford will not do one thing about this issue.

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Ford Motor Company used our technology within the factory for paint durability analysis within the factory that produced the Windstar. We have advised Ford that the vehicles would be considered a factory paint defect due to insufficient prime paint thickness.

NBC Chicago ran a newscast [Car Owners Upset about Bad Paint Jobs]on this issue during September 2011. Vehicle owners across the country have successfully won in small claims courts in mlutiple states on new and pre-owned Fords with paint issues.

to Zestar Corporation #578777

Thank you so much for your information. I will do some more research and am definitely going to follow through on this issue.

to Saddie Wilburton, Oklahoma, United States #588788

I, again, emailed Ford, and again, got an answer from a different person. The email did not even really address the problem and was almost like a standard reply which they generated, just to send as an answer.

The return email did not even mention the study, nor the Zestar Corp. Very disappointing.

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