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Update by user Dec 21, 2014

So this is an up date - I got a call from Ford Customer service back in the beginning of December. A woman named Charlene called and said she wanted to talk to me and left her number on my voice mail.

I called her and I called her left message after message and she never called me back. With her first message she left me she said that she would call back on Dec. 5th. Well she didn't call then either.

So I contacted the Ford Escape city web page that I believed she was calling me from. I left a posting on that site to a Trisha that Charlene never got ahold of me. Then the next day Charlene called me. She told me she was a customer rep and that she was very sorry for all the B.S.

I had gone through and that Ford wanted to make it right with me. I told her if shes calling to make me an appointment for me to pay to have my steering column replaced that I was going to hang up now. She said no Ford was going to replace my steering column free of charge. I asked her if she was for real and she assured me she was.

She asked me for a dealership close by and that she would call then and tell the dealership to replace my steering column free of charge. All I had to do was make the appointment. I can't tell you how she made my christmas and I told her so. WELL I go to make the appointment a few days later because I had to have tranny work done because the steering column *** up my tranny (this is what the mechanic said not me).

So I call Ganley Ford of Norton and asked if a Charlene called to make arrangements to have my steering column replaced he said he hadn't heard anything from a Charlene but he would look into it. I gave him my case number. He called me back and said nope no one called from Ford about replacing a steering column and that my case has been closed since Dec. 15th.

So again I was lied too. Ford Motor company you are playing games with the wrong person.

Original review posted by user Nov 21, 2014

Ford won't honor recall 14S05. Fords recall states ford has authorized dealers to update modules to prevent loss of steering.

Update provides driver awareness sounding chime, displaying wrench light. Alternatively, the dealer may need to replace torque senor or the steering column. This service will be performed free of charge(parts and labor) Had update done didn't fix steering. My steering still goes out.

I took it back and ford says sorry we did recall work. Nope they did not replace torque senor or steering column.

Was told recall for my car is shut down. thank for nothing ford motor company

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Were rude, Lied, Would not honor recall.

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  • Torque Sensor
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Tallahassee, Florida, United States #1270168

Well add another one to the list. My story mirrors the one from Jwrusher - exact timing as well.

Now I'm having issues with my brakes. $1334 to replace my master cylinder, brake booster and a caliper then called me back and said the hydraulic control unit was bad and it was going to be $1600. Called back later and the bill is over $3000.

I live in Florida and plan to file complaints with our attorney generals office, Better business Bureau, Division of Consumer Services and the Nhstb. And then I'm getting an attorney.

Wadsworth, Ohio, United States #904149

below is what I wrote to news 5 in Cleveland ohio. Maybe they can help with this

Wadsworth, Ohio, United States #904146

I might have a story for you. My name is Karen Weller and I live in Wadsworth Ohio.

This is about Ford Escape recall 14S05. The recall states: Ford Motor Company has authorized your dealer to update the appropriate modules to prevent loss of steering assist while driving due to a torque sensor fault, In addition , the update provides increased driver awareness by sounding a chime and displaying the wrench light or warning in the message center when a fault is detected. Alternatively, the dealer may need to replace the torque sensor or the steering column. This service will be preformed free of charge (parts and labor.

I have complained to ford about my car loosing power steering I have a mechanic that told me that I had this problem with the steering and I needed to replace the steering column at the cost of 1500.00$. Then the recall came out in July. I took my car to Montrose Ford in Fairlawn last month to have the recall work done. They told me they would do a software update and that will fix the steering problem.

I told them that my car has the defect and that it would need more than a software update. The assured me that this was the fix. I asked them if my car had the problem again after the software update what should I do. They in turn told me to bring it back and they would go from there.

Last week my car lost steering. So I called Montrose Ford told them of the returning steering loss problem they made the appointment for last Wednesday. When my daughter showed up the first thing the tech ask her was, did she get the approval from Ford to have this work done. She then told them that isn't that fords responsibility to get approval.

Noting that a lay person wouldn't know how to go about getting recall approval work. He told her if she doesn't has approval from ford that we were going to have to pay for the steering column replacement. Which in turn my daughter said no that is not what the recall notice says. She then went and talked to the service manager and told him how rude the tech was and told him that he was being an ahole.

That the car is so hard to drive without steering that when she went to park the car she almost ran into the showroom window. The service manager then said don't threaten me. Which she replied I didn't threaten you I am simply telling you how hard the car is to steer and what almost happened. She then said that she wished she never came here (she was very upset) and the service manager went and got her key and said here you wish is granted and told her to leave.

Now I know she used the word ahole. But you do not under no circumstances allow a car to leave a service department that is under a recall notice and is there to be repaired leave the lot with NO steering with two babies in the car and snowing out. But this is just some of the problem. The problem now is Ford won't honor a recall.

And this is where I believe the news story is. They are saying now to me that I had the recall work done and that my recall is closed. The update didn't work. There software program didn't fix the sudden loss of power steering.

Believe me over the past few days I have tried. What I have done was this. I called the NHTSA and told them that the recall update software that ford is claiming will fix the steering didn't. I called the Federal Trade Commission, I called the Ohio Attorney General office.

I called ford customer service office. No one can seem to help. The NHTSA told me that ford has to comply with the recall not just part of the recall. I have looked on the web.

I have gone to compliant sites. I'm not the only one that ford is doing this to. If you would investigate just a little bit you will see that there are many people ford is doing this to. I contacted a attorney that is a friend of mine and read what the recall said and ask him if there was any hidden lawyer speak in how the recall was stated.

He told me its pretty well stated that they had to update software or replace torque sensor or steering column. He gave me a name to a attorney that might be able to help but he has not called me back as of now. I'm still waiting on the call. What I believe is going on here is this .Ford bit off more then they could chew with this recall.

Can you imagine having to replace over a million steering columns at the cost of 1500.00 $ or at there cost which would probably be between 300 to 800 $. Now I don't know what there cost is but it would be in the millions to replace a steering column in all the recalled cars. I know that when I called ford that when I read what my recall letter states is not the same as what fords recall letter states. Same for the NHTSA there letter says something different also.

When you look up recall 14S05 three different versions of the recall show up. I think there is something fishy going on here. My phone number is 3303310670 e-mail address I tried to find a phone number for you but you don't have it posted anywhere. You are a News group and you do investigative journalism.

There are many people people with this problem There has been 8 related auto accidents with a few injuries. This has a potential for a very serious crash or death. Ford will have blood on there hands for a voluntary recall that they won't honor. They are taking the cheap route on this they are lying to the owners of these cars and will not help.

Please help me and the other car owners.

Remember you are on the road with all the rest of these car that ford won't repair due to a recall. Thank you for taking the time to read this

Wadsworth, Ohio, United States #903892

I own a 2008 Ford Escape. I went to have the recall work done in Oct.

Before recall my SUV had power steering outage at least 50 to 75 times. In Oct. They did a software update. I told dealer that this car had the power steering problem.

And what if the problem came back. They told me to make another appointment and would go from there. In Nov. I lost power steering again and as of this day still do not have any power steering.

I made another appointment which was two days ago. The tech asked me did I get approval from Ford to have this work done. Which I said no that is not my job it is yours. The tech became very rude and after speaking with the service manager/owner of Montrose Ford of Montrose Ohio I was handed my keys and asked to leave.

( I told the service manager that his tech was an *** and was very rude. That the steering on my SUV is so bad that I almost ran into the showcase window when I went to park. He thought I threatened him. I also told him that I wished I never came here for service and that I won't ever come back.

That is when he said I'll do you a favor and handed me my keys and was told to leave) He handed me back my keys to a SUV that has no steering . It is snowing here in eastern Ohio. Snow plus no steering equals very dangerous conditions. Well back to what I have done so far.

First I called Ford Motor Company to complain about the service department at Montrose Ford of Ohio. Then I called the NHTSA made a complaint with them. Stating ford wont honor their recall and that after software update the car still has the problem. Then I called the Federal Trade Commission made a compliant against Ford Motor Com.

and Montrose Ford. Then I talked to the Ohio Attorney General made a complaint with them. I made a complaint with the B.B.B. against Montrose Ford.

I have been on many complaint site siting that Ford won't honor their recall. My last call was to an attorney. I feel that Ford must HONOR their recall. My car is only 6 years old and is the only form of tranportation my family has.

I have to drive this vehicle to work every day. I am afraid of this car. Our only recourse is to sue Ford Motor Company in a class action suit.

My e-mail address is if any of you out there with this problem. Please e-mail me and together we can fight this company.

Wadsworth, Ohio, United States #903891

I am going to speak with an attorney to see if I can get this problem with ford and this recalled settled. I have read many complaints about this recall.

Ford is playing a very dirty nasty dangerous game here. Sudden loss of steering is not something Ford wants to ignore. There have been I believe 8 crashes and I believe 3 injuries so far. Do they want more blood on their hands before they fix this.

The NTHSA needs to look at this again. The repair that Ford is doing is only a update on the software, This does not fix the steering problem.

My steering went out about 3 weeks after the update. We need something done.

to lilith969 Silverdale, Washington, United States #910143

Same with me.

I received the recall notice in the mail (14S05) effective July 25, 2014. I brought the vehicle into Garber to have the recall satisfied in August in which I believe consisted of a control module software update.

Until this service we had had no problems with the Power Steering. Shortly after the service My daughter started having the problem with the power steering completely going out. Because she is a college student at the University of Central Florida, I located the closest Ford dealer to her location which is Don Reid Ford in Maitland, FL. I took it to them specifically to address the recall failure.

The service manager at Don Reid said that the Recall had already been closed out and any additional work would be at regular charge. Then he said that the problem is with the steering column and it would need to be replaced. I told him that I would like to pick up the vehicle and either reschedule the repair or even have my daughter drive it to Garber Ford for the work and to address the fact that the software patch did not resolve the problem. His comment was that "this is a very dangerous matter and would not advise anyone drive the vehicle".

I decided it was in our best interest to have the steering column replaced and to address the recall issue after.

I can not get Ford to own up and reimburse me for the steering column replacement.

I write and call them most every week just to waste there time. I will not quit until I get my $1,000 back.

to Jwrusher York, Pennsylvania, United States #913573

The same thing is happening to me now

to Jwrusher Wadsworth, Ohio, United States #915759

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I am in the process of getting a hold of an attorney.

When I have talked to the attorney and find out what my rights are and what he can do for me I will update you. If you would like to have my e-mail address it is

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