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My 2013 Ford Focus makes a loud rattling noise at various times, usually while accelerating, but not always. Often enough, though, to be annoying and even alarming many times. It sounds like a noise the engine would make if I were using very cheap gas, something below the regular grade.

I took the car to my dealer who kept it for over a day and told me they had worked on the transmission. I was surprised since it certainly sounded like an engine problem to me, but then I'm not a Ford mechanical expert. But whatever the dealer did, it didn't fix the problem, made no difference at all.

So I took the car back to the dealer and complained that they hadn't fixed the problem. They then had a mechanic ride with me while we drove around. The noise happened several times, and when we got back to the dealer the mechanic explained that the noise was something called "gear rollover" and that Ford knew about it but there was no fix for it. He told me further that Ford refused to cover having anything done to the car to even try to alleviate the situation.

If I knew about this before I bought the car, I sure would have looked at another Ford model or even have bought another brand!

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