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Apparently ford feels the need to continue to have the tax payers bail them out AGAIN! They keep over charging my auto-draft account and losing my payments and taking extra money out of my account I never authorized or was liable to pay.

Even with reference numbers, and all the names, dates, and times of the folks at ford I spoke with, they continue to keep screwing up my payments causing extreme aggrevation and financial havoc.

I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income, thanks for taking my Christmas money and stealing it out of my account! I will NEVER buy another ford product as long as I live and as long as I do live I will share MY experiences with ford with everyone who will listen, time for a CHEVY!!!

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I'm sorry that you're having such difficulty with Ford, but would like to point out that Ford did not receive a government "bailout," as you contend. General Motors, the manufacturer of the Chevy you indicate you'd prefer, DID receive a taxpayer-funded bailout.

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