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I purchased BRAN NEW 2016 Ford Expedition Platinum. Within 8000 miles the vehicle shut down while on a 6 lane highway passing two 18 wheelers.

God was watching over me and allowed me to coast to side of road (I was in the third passing lane). Pumped that gas like there was no tomorrow....nothing. Stopped, caught my breath and the car like turned itself on again..... great.

Called dealer. Dealer said it must be in sensors and I should disable. We tried to find the front sensor to disable , no luck. (vehicle wasn't equipped with that particular sensor), SO I took it as a fluke, after all it was raining, maybe the rain splashing around the 18 wheelers....??

So 150 miles south, SMAE THING....truck shuts down....no power. I was ready....coasted immediately to side, called dealer, flipping out. Ot this point truck is running again..... so I agree to take it to nearest dealer at my destination...which I did....they said it was "UNFILTERED AIR" in the system...NO ***....Daytona Ford.

SO I could have been killed...ANYONE OUT THERE INJURED DUE TO FORD? I am a LIVING witness to the issue and so is my dealer. Anyway...this was the start of a vehicle of LEMON PROPORTIONS.... THe dealer said I should have parked it on the side of the road and MADE FORD retrieve it.

(hind sight is 20/20) EVERYTHING went wrong on this vehicle. It was in the shop day after day after day after day and finally the dealership filed a lemon report with Ford who only chose to be EXTREMELY RUDE to me AND the dealership. IF someone was ever injured due to this error in FORD VEHICLES....shutting down....I WILL GO TO BAT WITH YOU! FORD NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE as MANY could be killed!!!!

The rest of the issues, the lemon part of the vehicle, MY DEALER finally replaced the vehicle and FORD STILL tells them it's their loss. HOW SAD IS THAT????

Review about: 2016 Ford Expedition Platinum Car.


Monetary Loss: $74000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Expedition.

I didn't like: Ford customer service, Near death experience.

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Winfield, Alabama, United States #1352248

Yes it called limp home mode. My car is a edge.

Ford is not treating people right. I am just going to sue

to ksmith #1370646

I have a 2015 Edge which has been in the shop a total of 5 times beginning with week two of purchase. Car just drops dead in middle of traffic.

It will restart but I have been almost rear ended multiple times. THey have replaced throttle body twice and other times just cannot figure out what the problem is. I pay payments ever month on time for a vehicle that cost 35, 000.00 and they just do not care if you care killed or not. I would like to know who to contact at Ford.

I just got off the phone for the service and it was located in the Phillipines and she is telling me to take it to a different dealer. Sure that is fine if you want to pay everytime you have to take it to someone else when it was under the warranty when all this started happening.

Union City, California, United States #1308968

I bought a new 2016 Ford Expedition EL Platinum in late 2015. The truck is loaded and I love it.

However the new Sync 3 system computer failed, and I had to take it into my local dealership to have it repaired under warranty. The dealership ordered the part, but told me it was backordered without a date. I contacted Ford Customer Care and their regional representative got involved and help to expedite the part to the dealership.

When the part arrived I returned with my Expedition and the dealership installed the part.

When I got my truck back, I found they had installed the wrong part. It was clear that the Sync 3 system thought my Expedition was a C-Max hybrid. In addition, many of the controls and features in the car did not work. I notified the dealership, and contacted Ford Customer Care, and they re-ordered the part, which was backordered again.

When asked, they could not tell me how they would confirm that the next part was the correct part.

As you can probably predict, they installed the wrong part again. Now, the first mistake is regrettable, but understandable as mistakes do happen. Repeating the mistake is (in my mind) in-excusable.

As the customer, few details are shared with me, but what info I have been able to drag out of the dealership service advisor is that they have a catalogue problem. I am now in limbo, waiting for Ford to respond as to how they are going to proceed. From the time of the original part failure, it has been fully 8 weeks.

The people I have interfaced with over email and phone are pleasant, but never resolve the issue.

And after every communication I am asked to do a short survey to rate them. Well, of course I have no complaint with the way they are treating me, they seem genuinely interested in solving the problem, but they also appear completely impotent in their ability to do so.

Bangor, Maine, United States #1304890

Update. FORD has continued to IGNORE me and dealer.

Dealer did the RIGHT THING and swapped truck out. Ford Corporate is NOT consumer friendly..losers.

to Noreen Lyins #1309611

I have a 2007 Ford Expedition that shut off on me and I almost got rear ended. They said it was the main computer and had to order it and wait to get here.

Today is the 8th day of them having the vehicle. They said this morning the computer was not the problem but instead the Cadillac converter. Bill was going to go from 1100 to 2100 to fix it. I filed a complaint with ford motor.

Thinking about going further and filing complaint with US Department of Transportation. I just went and got my vehicle back to take to another mechanic.

to Cathy Davenport Portland, Maine, United States #1352284

class action anyone???

to Anonymous #1379947


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