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In 2006, I bought an F350, with a 6.0 litre engine. It had 145,000 kms on it and ran beautifully.

It was the truck with everything I had always wanted and I was prepared to spend some serious money to get it. I changed the oil every 6000 kms, along with the oil filter, and did the air filter at 165,000 kms. It suddenly started belching blue smoke that smelled odd, and I immediately took it into a Ford dealer, who kept it for 2 days. The diagnosis was a blown head gasket.

The truck was treated like a queen and never overheated. The dealership told me that every 6.0 litre would lose its head gasket and that, because of the design fault, there is an aftermarket stud kit to repair it. Because of the design of the F350, the cab has to be removed to do the repairs, at a cost of almost $4400. Ford says they will not do anything.

I am prepared to sue them in small claims court and will be proceeding this week. I have always driven Fords and currently own my last one. It will be sold as soon as the repairs are done, and I will withdraw my support of Ford and their products, after having bought them almost exclusively for 40+ years.

If you are interested in contacting me, please do. If we can get a class action suit going, so much the better.Mark Loan, (204) 837-5590

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I had the same problem. At 100,000km my truck blew the head gaskets, the oil cooler and the EGR cooler.

It has been babied and is a 6.0L diesel. Cost me $5600US to fix. I am organizing a class action and I have arranged for the local and national news to do a consumer broadcast about this issue. If you have had any problems please let me know.

Ford needs to answer to this.

I need a list of names and complaints to give to the reporter for her story. Contact me at

to Kristine #829698

Ford issued a recall you missed the window. So did I.

It is NEVER the head gaskets folks it is JUST THE EGR COOLER. To be specific, debris from degrading coolant and oil WILL plug the fins on the EGR cooler, and then the veins of the oil cooler. This chain reaction can be stopped ONLY with aftermarket parts. People are re-welding EGR coolers and redesigning exterior oil coolers and coolant filtration.

Ford rushed to market to compete with GM. Dealerships were completely overwhelmed at the time, Ford replaced complete engine+chassis on 1/2 a million ambulances and fleet. Good luck. I fixed it in my garage - over 40 hours of work, a month of research first.

If your solve these problems, you own the most fuel efficient diesel truck made. Good luck


I was wondering how you weathered from the suit? Our 04 excursion blew the head gaskets and had to change out the oil cooler at 54,000 miles and a year later we are now over $2000 again changing out the egr cooler and are being told by the dealer that 6 out of 8 injectors all of a sudden stopped firing. I myself have always bought Ford trucks but they were 7.3 liters with over 200,000 miles and not a problem like these 6.0's.


I also have and issue with my egr cooler

with only 100450kms and they will not do anything about either it is also an common problem.

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