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Hillcrest Ford in Huntsville, TX charged me over $1,000.00 dollars to replace parts on my E-350 van that were not the problem. My "check engine light" has been on since my van had 51,000k on it, it always codes an egr valve, but I have had that replaced 3X already and the same code pops up. I have been told by several dealerships that it is an electrical problem and have had the computer reprogrammed to no avail, the "check engine light remains on.

I took it to Hillcrest Ford because I had a sudden loss of power. I explained to the service writer that the "check engine light" had been on since 51,000k (it now has 217,000k) and that it would code a bad egr valve, but that has never been the real problem. The service write, Arleen Pegoda has since told her service mgr. that I never mentioned the egr valve problem, we had a 20 min. conversation about it!!!

I was told that the egr valve was indeed bad and needed replacing and that would fix my lack of power problem. I drove the van 6 miles down the highway and had the same problem, I took it back and was then told that I needed a ebp sensor and back pressure tube and they would have to order the sensor (I live in Kansas City) so more motel bills.

They replaced the ebp sensor and tube and told me it was fixed, I drove 10 miles down the road and once again had the same problem, only this time I had to be 400 miles away in Arkansas the next day so I limped it to Arkansas and took it to a dealer there and was told that it would be at least 4 hrs labor (at a $100 an hour) to diagnose it. I then took it to a mechanic friend of mine and found out that it was the catalytic converter that was stopped up that was causing my problem.

Hillcrest Ford has refused to reimburse me any of my $1,013.00 for their misdiagnoses and Ford Customer Service has sided with the dealership.

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