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After owing a Ford for almost 20 yrs i now own a Chevrolet. Part of that conversion is due to Hixson Autoplex, Lake Charles Hwy, Leesville, LA.

They are extremely rude, flippant and totally useless. After my second trip, which started off with my breaking down within 10 minutes of the dealership, that 1. was not answering the phone 2. would not send anyone out to help but would call me a wrecker.

3. had to call me ask permission to put gas in my car. 4. had to order a battery when they are minutes from at least 3 auto parts stores.

5. after $275 (rounded off) i drove two feet from the dealership and my battery light came on. I drove it the 45 miles to the nearest Chevrolet dealership and traded it in on a 2012 Camarao. My car was 2006 Mustang v-6 with only 74,000 miles on it.

Ford helped in the demise of my situation. I had in the 5 yrs i owned the car gone thru 3 batteries, 2 alternators, 1 a/c compressor, 1 gear shift and 1 airbag recall.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Hixon ford in Monroe Louisiana is the worst. Real friendly until the deal is done then when it's time for them to do the promised work you can't get no one to call you back.

I've left approx. 20 voicemails to the GM of sales and he will not return a call for nothing.

So whatever you do don't go to them for you next vehicle. I've owned a ford 25 years and thanks to them my next will be a Chevy or Toyota.

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