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Hi, I have 2 issues. We purchased our 2013 Ford Explorer used used last year and had no problems until earlier this year when we noticed that the paint on the hood is corroding.

On the very edge of the front of the hood you could see "bubbles" and eventually the paint peeled off....awesome! I found online much to my dismay that several Ford owners have this exact issue and with the majority of them saying Ford would not cover the repair so I decided I would have to deal with it. Not happy considering the vehicle was less than 3 years old and the paint elsewhere looks fantastic. Lesson learned on that one.

Unfortunately now there is an even bigger issue. I'm not sure how long it has been going on but we recently noticed that when it rains water leaks in from the rear seatbelt slots on both sides, like literally drips! I also found online that SEVERAL people have the same issue and of course there is no recall or assistance from Ford. Now I am expected to take it to a dealership (who of course has never heard of this issue despite there even being youtube videos from owners showcasing the same exact problem) and leave it there for an undetermined amount of time so that I can pay them to diagnose a problem that should not be happening in the first place and then pay them to repair it as well.

I am really considering trying to get in touch with ALL of the other owners with this same problem and proposing that we come together to voice our dissatisfaction (social media is a powerful thing, so are attorneys and the BBB). I am not trying to be threatening but we are a family of 9 that lives paycheck to paycheck and purchasing our explorer was a dream for us that is slowly turning into a nightmare. I had to convince my husband to buy a Ford in the first place.

We also have an Edge that I had prior to getting married and we've never had an issue. I just want someone to take ownership for these problems that clearly aren't just mine and help the loyal customers who keep Ford in business.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2013 Ford Explorer Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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