Lemont Furnace,Pennsylvania

I had a loan that went into default. And yes it was my fault.

I take responsibility of it. So it went to a collection agency and we made a deal. And I took care of it. I thought everything was over.

I was wrong!!! Next thing I know about 2 months later I get a call from another agency saying I didn't take care of the problem but I can pay 60% which is another $560. I freaked!! I told them I took care of it.

They said without the right paper work I still have to pay.

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How is this a Ford complaint?

Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #40684

Did you ever consider changing your phone number?? If I was you I wouldn't pay another time to these *** artists.

How did you take care of it? If you made the payments, do you have the receipts? Or if you wrote a check, go to the bank and get a copy of the cancelled check. If you took care of it like you are claiming, you should be able to get proof that you paid them.

Even if you used a credit card, it would be on your statement and same with a debit card. You are only out of luck if you paid cash which would be a *** thing to do.I really would like to know what you mean by your statement that you took care of this problem.

This sounds fishy to me. :?

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