my truck was purchased woth only 420 miles on it and we now have 18000 miles on it. we have had to send it into the shop now twice for injectors.

i am loosing money everytime the truck has to be in the repair shop. we bought a Ford because we have had really good luck with them in the past but at this point you could not give me another Ford truck. we are seriously thinking about suing Ford for lost revenue from my towing buisness because they cannot recall the trucks and fix them right. it is not like we can just take this truck and trade it in for something else since it is a specialty truck.

do you think ford will care if we all stopped paying our notes while they are in the shop and we cannot drive them? come on ford what happened to the Ford tough thing. not it is Ford in the shop all the time. if we are having prblems now what is it going to be like at 60 or 70 thousand miles?

does anyone know how we can get these problems taken care of instead of bandaiding the trucks back together?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Repair.

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