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2002 F550 super duty, while driving you may go 26 miles or 26 feet who knows, it is intermittent. You will loose your throttle ability, the vehicle does not stall but just goes to an idle, sometimes if you let off the throttle completely and press the pedal again you will have response for a while (a few feet or possibly a few miles).

As of today it has been at an Official Ford Dealership for 12 weeks..yes 12 weeks. They know what the problem is but are unable to figure out how to fix the problem. If this were a personal vehicle it may not bother me to much, but this is a work vehicle and used for plowing and sanding also. For 12 weeks now I have been loosing business because of not having this vehicle for fulfilling commitments.

Ford Motor Company is not willing to help figure the remedy out and one of the dealerships salesmen told me "it is a piece of junk and too old to fix, that is why we sell new trucks, you need to get rid of it and buy a new one" The truck has only 109,642 miles on it. My next complaint will name the dealership and owner of and others. Evidently Ford is in cahoots with the Federal Government they do not want you to make a living.....just spend money! I am at a loss for what to do next to get my truck fixed so that I can put it back to work, cost to much just to replace vehicle everytime you have a problem.

Ford built it, they should know how to fix it!

My credibility is being hurt or ruined by Ford for not having this work vehicle to use to complete jobs and so far there has been no compromising offer of assistance for anything, no words of encouragement, the owner of the company has contacted me twice in one day. The service department however does not contact me to let me know of status, I in turn have to try to call them each day and they say they will call but never do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Repair.

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