Must be a problem with 2010 Fusion wheel covers . Lost three in 11 months.

To replace first one took 4.5 months.The price has gone from $61. to $90. Each time a hit a pothole a lose a wheel cover. You cannot hear when one rolls off because of the cheap material they are made from.When I lost the first one , the parts manager said there was a problem and Ford was redesigning the cover.

So far I dont see any improvement.

I owned the cae exactly one week when I lost the first one. Last night I hit a pothole on I-81.

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New York, New York, United States #840009

All Hubcaps are terrible, I have never seen a set stay intact for more than a year. If you are spending 90 a cap and worried about a ghetto look, stop wasting your money.

Go to a cheap rim shop or PepBoys and buy a set of rims.


The wheel covers sucks. Lost one in the snow, and lost another 3 driving thru water.

Poor design. Now my Fusion looks like it's rolling on donuts....so ghetto.

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