Mullinax Ford of Apopka Florida.

We purchased a 2008 used Ford Fusion from Mullinax in November of 2010. We were shown a "clean" vehicle report. Not the big name report but a look-alike.

With 3 service issues first month to do with the steering pulling to the right, I began to look at the car a bit more critically. Also we found in the car a service receipt (also from Mullinax) where the car had been repaired for cracked wheels on the right side of the vehicle.

While really looking at the car, i began to notice the entire right rear quarter panel & rear bumper had been painted (and poorly at that..) there were buffer swirls everywhere, and the "un-glossy" look of orange peel in the same areas. Sure signs of a wreck. Remember the "clean" vehicle report?

We took the service record in the glove-box and called the previous owner. He admitted right away to having wrecked the car and having a "friend of the family" do the repair work.

Kinda makes me wonder what happened to their 131 point inspection, and how this one got past their "expert" eyes. I'm not even in the paint & body business, but even I spotted the orange peel and swirl marks. It still *** me off they sold us a wrecked car, and refuse to fix the undercarriage damage from the previous owner.

We bought an un-wrecked previously owned car. They sold us a piece of *** and aren't willing to do anything about it. I hope we can baby it for the rest of it's lifetime (just 5 more years please God...), and hopefully won't be making payments on a ***-bound POS sitting in the back yard... (we've been there before too..)

DO NOT buy from Mullinax. All the dealers are the same. But it elsewhere. And DON'T settle for an off-name vehicle report. Make them show the real thing. Lesson learned (I hope..) for my wife & I..

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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If you can spot the repair now, after the purchase, why couldn't you spot it, oh, I don't know, BEFORE you purchased it? And what, pray tell, were you paying attention to during the test drive? The pulling to the right should have been a clue......


First time Ford owner what a dissapiontment was sold a lemon, bought at an auction, lied to by the dealer, had the car back more than once only to find out what they did fix was not the problem at all it was the Transmission on the 2005 Ford Five Hundred, Suncoast Ford would not do anything and corporate wouldnt even stand behind there own product. Now I want to get a class action law suit going, in New Port Richey, Florida.

If you are interested email me. Sylvanab@msn.com


Sounds to me like this guy tried to you to fix this completely avoidable problem to begin with and you didn't do squat to help him.

Thank God I found this review it saved me from buying from these guys.


There are two major vehicle history reporting companies, Carfax and AutoCheck. Most likely this repair was not recorded on either because there was no insurance claim since a friend repaired the vehicle.

When we inspect a vehicle, we are not inspecting for paint work or minor repairs. We inspect for frame damage situations that would make the vehicle unsafe or perform improperly. A high percentage of vehicles have bug damage, dings, etc.

We're sorry you were having problems. If you are still having issues, please contact us so we can try to help. Your vehicle is most likely covered under the Ford certified Warranty.

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