I was one of those protectionist types (USA all the way). I bought my first new truck--A FORD! Man was I happy with my f-150. But when it the transmission left me stranded in Mexico two times I lost all faith in FORD. Worse thing is I lost faith in all U.S. made cars and trucks and will NEVER buy another one.

I don't understand how such great companies can accept losing customers like this. I personally have purchased 3 new vehicles and will buy more in the future, but not American made. I will teach my children to buy only quality even if it means to buy from other countries (which hurts our economy, but I cant stand inferior products). When other members of my family tell me they will buy a new car I instantly say DONT BUY AMERICAN! I wish I didn't have to say that but I have to look out for them and their safety and money.

Hope one day the CEOs of U.S. auto makers offer us better American made cars and trucks.

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Yeah I used to buy Ford, When my new 2010 Escape rear wheels almost fell off after 7 days and 751km the dealership ignored me as well as Ford so no more Fords, my 3 sons have bought foreign cars now and will also never buy a Ford, they listen and know what happened to their dad. I'm a small fish in Fords sales but I wonder how much they can afford to lose in customers, those lost sales must add up to the millions. Anyways I'm happy with my Honda.


I understand what y'all are talking about, I had to replace the frame on my 1950 Ford F-1 because it was nearly worn out. I just purchased another Ford after my Chevrolet left me on the side of the road for the last time.

And for all of you bragging about your foreign cars, Toyota ignored accelerator problems for years in favor of gaining market share lost by the other two of the big three going into bankrupcy. That's what you call QUALITY?


2007 ford focus w/ 188 mls when bought..currently 27,000 mls....piece of ***...after delays in response,denials n deception from ford i personally will NEVER buy another ford product again..not even a key ring...car on the highway is like driving the kiss of death ...the car compromises my safety and affects the fair market value if i resold it due to all its issues...it has been reported as a LEMON...thanks alot for nothing for selling junk.....i'm searching chevy this time around :(

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #72602

Ever hear the commercial Ford Tough. That is total B.S.

Mine is falling apart in the drive way.(or the garage)$40000 dollar piece of ***.

:( No more Ford *** in my driveway ever again. Windows falling down,not working at all,pour paint,Nopower 5.4,heated seats quit working,all with less that 35000 miles,Their warranty sucks.Better off with a KIA ,no kidding Ford can kiss my ASH.Way to treat someone that has bought 4 new vehicles in the last 13 years.


I have bought two new cars in my lifetime. Both were American made and neither one made it home from the dealer.

Very bad when a car can not last for 20 miles.

It has turnned me off American made cars. My Nissan truck lasted for 300,000 miles before I sold it.

London, England, United Kingdom #70014

I agree 100%. 04 F-150 (stalling problem), 06 Mustang GT (oil leak and check engine problems), 09 Marner (lots and lots of transmission problems).

The Mariner was the last straw. We too will NEVER buy another Ford product, and Ford does not even care. Switched to Toyota, no issues yet. For all you Ford fans out there, just wait until you get a bad product and/or service department.

It will happen... just a matter of time.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #67502

I have a comment to you bankers. You are all greedy thieves who will step on anybody to make a buck. My solution is to always use cash and limit my bank transactions to few as possible to keep them out of my life as much I can.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #67501

I n response to the Ford comments. I have had Fords & Toyota's all my life and I can say I have had Trandmission problems with 5 brand new Fords.

Twice a bought Chevy's but there engins were no good, oil burners. My Toyota was by far better than any other car or Truck.

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