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So as I drive our 3 year 49,000 mile Ford F-150 it begins to shake when the gas pedal is depressed. When I let off it stops.

We brought our truck to Energy Country Ford in Port Arthur, Tx for a diagnosis and repair. Now here it is a month later and all the lifters have been changed the heads have been removed for a outside shop to check per orders from our extended warranty company, the #5 ignition coil has been replaced along with the throttle body and none of this has fixed my truck.

I cant believe they call their mechanics "certified" maybe certifiably not worth a sh_t. So here we are continuing to pay a note on a vehicle that is sitting in the shop at Energy Country Ford with their "certified mechanics" playing with it and we are struggling getting back and forth to work because the warranty company only pays for 7 days for a rental car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Warranty.

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having trouble with 2003 ford expedition air conditioner. After extended driving a/c blower still blows but not cool air.

After turning engine off a few minutes it will cool again. Any ideas?


Yeah, I can relate, my father had a F-350 91. He had bought it new and had engine problems repeatedly.

Eventually, a couple years later, a guy from Detroit came(from ford motor company)and finally fixed it. Then my sister totaled it around a sharp turn, she lived. Some things in life, huh? But, after it's all said and done, ford is all I'll ever buy, if I can help it.

I had a 91 Ford explorer that I bought used and lasted me well over 300k miles. I did not take it easy on this thing, I pulled, I pushed, went mud bogging, hauled wood, metal, etc. I did not spare this thing any favor, and it held with me. I crashed it into a ditch once, with one wheel off the ground(A good four feet or so), I was going at least 40.

I had no seat belt on, I walked away without a scratch, and she was still running strong, a kind man pulled me out and I was gone. I ran the *** out of it, I paid 4,000 with 100k on the odometer, over 200k miles for 4000 dollars, a good deal by anyone's standards.

I put the old girl to rest, when the transmission started to fail, I still have the left fender as a memento. I've have another explorer(97-bought used, still running), and now I have my vintage 77 F150.

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