We have a Ford 2002 Explorer. At 36,000 miles we had to have the transmission fixed, and now at 70,000 miles we have to have the rear end fixed.

Ford will do nothing to help us out, even though they know they have a problem with both issues.

On the rear end, they have a bulletin at their service stations, but that is only to make them aware of the problem.

This is the first and definitely the last time we will buy Ford product.

I am not surprised their shares keep dropping and more and more people buy Toyota or Honda, which are made in North America.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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You are right that unless it is under warranty or recalled, you are screwed. THAT is the problem!

Ford knows it has put out some really crappy products and does nothing to make it right with the loyal customer. I have the same car, 2002 explorer and have had the same problem twice. The transmission failed at 50,000 miles and was rebuilt. It failed again at 80,000.

Now I drive a Toyota. It doesn't matter that ford makes a few dependable models now. What matters is how they stand by their work when there is a problem.

Ford fails. I'll never know how great their newer cars are as they lost me as a customer for good.


Ford is not "Customer Number One". I own a 97 F150 with the V6 motor that was built with bad gaskets.

Had to replace the motor. Very common problem. Ford changed the design of the gasket in 98 but will not own up to the flawed design.

The F150 4.2L owners are out of luck. I'll never purchase another Ford product.

Barnaul, Altaisky Krai, Russian Federation #29930

Unless this vehicle is recalled or you are still under warranty, there is nothing you can do. Get over it and pay to get your vehicle fixed.

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