Spring City, Tennessee

u are the sorriest group people to deal with i bought a ford ranger from a guy on aug the 7th paid for the truck with a cashier check u have claim to have sended the title out the 27th of aug ive yet to get it i dont why that it is not gotten here the postal service can be slow but i dont think there that slow i dont why u didnt sended out 3 weeks ago and saying that u was for the check to clear is bs because it was a cashier check so im pissed

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Tampa, Florida, United States #709484

Ford u need to do the right thing and recall these jerking , noisy POS

Ive owned 4 new fords in the last 8 years and this will be the last....junk never again

to RocketM5 #721776

My ford focus is a 2013 and the transmission SUCKS. It shifts around the gears all the time and throws my head forward and back consistently!

This car sucks.....i have a headache just thinking about this piece of *** that sits in my carport because it is to uncomfortable to drive......its down right scary to drive! :cry

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