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My 2003 Ford Escape has peeling gold paint. It is coming off the lift gate, a place where it is unlikely to get stone chips.

It was built in Kansas City. Ford says no one else has complained about this issue, yet I see it on a number of posts.

The local body shop says it was a factory defect, yet "customer service" says only a Ford engineer can make that claim. So where's the Ford engineer? Bring him on!

We need to inundate Ford with the VIN numbers of their vehicles wtih peeling paint.

Are you with me?

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I have a white 2011 Ford Escape with the clear coat peeling on the front hood and both front fenders. The car has never been involved in an front-end accident. What is the best way to bring this to Ford's attention?


I have a 2018 Ford Mustang and already noticed some issues with the paint (red dots).


I have a 2009 F-150 supercrew and the paint is cracking and peeling off. Cant find any recalls on this problem.

Its happening to every door in the exact same spot (all 4). I think Ford needs to step up and recognize the problem and pay for the repairs


I have a 2015 ford escape just noticed peeling paint on hood corners both sides by window color is deep blue.anyone else with the saome problem


3000 miles on our 2018 ford escape and paint is chipping in atleast 6 places

Monroe, New York, United States #1187599

our 2013 Ford Explorer has paint blistering and flaking off the edge of the hood. Ford declines to fix it even though we paid extra for clear coat and extended warranty.

Hammond, Indiana, United States #1020249

We also have a 2003 Ford Escape ,paint is coming of is in chunks the roof and back lift gate.it is also gold.


I have a 2011 Ford Escape peeling paint on lift gate and wheel wells , I'm not impressed it won't be fixed by Ford, there paint is no good.


'09 and '11 escapes. Peeling paint on back right fender and liftgate respectively.

White House, Tennessee, United States #723820

I have a F150 2007 just seen it the roof it is peeling ! I know I'm spitting in the wind when I go talk to the company.

Last Ford for this ole girl ! Just heart broke.

I might not get them to fix it but I can *** them off. Thanks Ford !hello Chev.


This weekend o found a big chuck of paint missing on my hood. When I first bought my car the dealership had to repaint my roof and I didn't think anything about it. But now I don't know what to do.


I've been in contact with a lawyer about a class action law suit about my paint peeling away from my ford escape 03'. Has anyone else had any success on this?

to Amy Greenville, South Carolina, United States #682281

I have not as of yet been involve with any attorneys on this issue, however I would be interested in getting involved. I have a 2003 escape with the same problem and Ford will not do anything about it.

to Amy Hammond, Indiana, United States #1020253

Also have a ford escape 2003 same problem.


2001 ford windstar, peeling paint in large sheets on hood, roof and rear lift. Multiple electrical issues.

Ford dealer documented that paint was a manufaturer defect but refuses to pay. I have purchased 2 vehicles since but never, never a Ford again.


have a 2009 Mustang,paint on leading edge of hood has blisterd and started to peel,Ford wants me to pay over $1,000.00 to have it fixed


Ford will not fix the peeling paint issues, you have to take them to small claims court. Go to facebook and search ford peeling paint. You will find the steps (in detail) on how to file and costs.


I have the same problem with my ford explorer 2004 XLT - big areas of paint just peeling off. like 10" sheets of it on the roof.

the car is white.

There is a service bulletin posted.

Ref No. 04-25-1 Issued Dec.

27. 2004 Called Aluminum Corrosion Service tip. Apparently They have known about this problem for quite a while and wont pay to fix it.

This might be my last ford ever and thats saying a lot. I've probably bought at least 6 or 7 over the last 10 years.


Automotive painting is a science.

A typical finish consists of four layers:

1) electrocoat - provides corrosion protection

2) primer - protects electrocoat, stone chip resistance, adhesion

between basecoat and electrocoat

3) basecoat - provides color to the vehicle

4) clearcoat - sunlight protection, scratch resistance, gloss

and appearance properties

Film thickness is a criteria used by the auto industry to ensure durability.

Each of the 4 layers must be at the proper film thickness specification.

If any of the individual layers is below specification. The vehicle would

be considered a factory paint defect.

A visible manifestation of low film thickness is paint peeling, body rusting and stone chipping.

Note: Thick Paint Thickness will result in cracking.

Since the mid 1990s the auto industry while retaining ownership of the paint facilities have outsourced

the process and quality responsibilities to multiple paint suppliers.

Outsourcing in this application is defined as a process in which a company

assigns its in-house operations to a third party.

Specifics on automotive paint suppliers roles within the facilities may be found in textbooks published

both in Europe and America. The most recent textbook being released in 2008.

The paint suppliers actively market and advertise their outsourcing expertise with terms such as

"Cost Per Unit" or "Pay As Painted" supplier programs. Outsourcing [Cost Per Unit] programs are

common throughout Europe and America within the auto industry.

Not all vehicle flaws are associated with the paint itself, vehicle design and weathering will

impact the vehicle's finish.

It is our opinion that the automaker, auto dealer and consumer should not receive a vehicle painted

below the automaker's film thickness specifications of any of the four layers that comprise a vehicle's finish.

We have analyzed the film thickness data of over 11,000 vehicles and

have found that the measurements are below the automakers' specifications.

Low film thickness will cause paint failures.

Investigation summarized in press releases:

Billions Discovered for Recovery by Automakers


New Books Reveal Vehicle Paint Quality Flaws Associated with Outsourcing

A quick internet search for the following:

Toyota Paint Problems, Toyota Paint Peeling

Ford Paint Problems, Ford Paint Peeling

GM Paint Problems, GM Paint Peeling

Chrysler Paint Problems, Chrysler Paint Peeling

Honda Paint Problems, Honda Paint Peeling

Nissan Paint Problems, Nissan Paint Peeling

will return results back in the millions.

Public Interest best served by a "Truth in Finish Disclosure"

with the purchase of any vehicle.

The automakers trust their suppliers.

Automakers, auto dealers and consumers should receive a finish painted to their specifications....

Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, United States #23926

We own a 2003 Ford Escape with light gold/beige paint that has begun to peel off in large sheets on several areas/panels of the vehicle. There is no obvious cause, and the vehicle has not been subjected to any unusual environmental or chemical hazards.

Dealer & Ford Motor say there are no recalls, service bulletins, or other actions to cover this, and that given the age and mileage there is nothing they can do.

A quick internet search reveals hundreds of other complaints for the same problem, same model/year, and same color, with similar descriptions of the damage and the response from Ford.

This is an obvious flaw that Ford shown own up to.

I've filed a complaint with the FTC and am contacting consumer lawyers to see if someone will take up a class action suit. Do the same!

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