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I saw an ad from planet ford stating 50% off Texas Editions F150,.so my wife & I went there. We bought one.

I did not note until later that the rebate they gave me was only 28%. I know I should have walked away from deal, but did not note the rebate was not as advertised.

I called later & spoke with one of their 'smoke & mirrors" guy who explained the 50% off only applied to f150's under the tent. I never saw a tent & salesperson never told me "look under the tent for real savings."

We love the truck just hate it that deceptive businees practices are used. The smoke & mirrors guy admitted everybody else does it so they have to play same game.

Corporate ethics demand only strong survive.. look at current economic crisis! Beware if you go to Planet Ford they employ unethical tactics!! Let the buyer beware!!!

I forgot that rule.

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I'm no math whiz, but I can do 50% of just about any number in my head. Did he distract you with the "smoke and mirrors" while you were supposed to be reading your sales agreement?

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