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Ford Fusion Energi charging system

I have a 2014 Ford Fusion Energi plug in hybrid. Since 2014 I have been getting a 25 mile charge when I charge my cars main battery.

A full charge now gets me 14 miles. My Ford dealer gave me two answers as the problem. 1. I never got a 25 mile charge and I must be mistaken.

2. My car can only get between 0 miles and 16 miles on a full charge.

I asked about a new battery and was told they don's know if that could be done. Do you have any guidelines on what I can do to get my car repaired?


airbag replasement

i have an airbag passenger side that has be ban for more than a year. I was told that a replacement was ordered I know my ca is old and that you probable have recevied many of the replacements but they must be going to higher price cars like Lincolns ect.

I have a mercury,

Milan 2009.

My wife has to ride iin the back seat and when we have the Grandkids ( 3) I think that is just as dangerous as the faulyt air bag. i bough this car from Park in Orlando Fl Can you help push this thru Veltre


Ford does not return phone calls. Dealership refuses to repair vehicle after part falls off vehicle.

How or who should one make a complaint and get a response from Ford?


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