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Dear Sir,

Please note this is the 2nd time i have been cheated and harassed by Noida Ford (A unit of Maxis Motors Pvt. Ltd.)

Details are as below:

1st incident happened on 31/12/2017 in Noida Ford

Invoice no. SIP17A10947

Car No. KA04MJ-6267

Details: Initial diagnosis was a software error, saying this Noida Ford want me to leave the car for a day as their laptop was not working. I agreed and later they have come up with 1 no. injector problem and got an approval from me for a budget of approx. INR 8,000 over phone to repair the injector. Later they have come back asking for an approval of INR 20,000.00 Then i visited service center and given approval of INR 20,000 to repair and sat their in their service center. They have made a bill of INR 60,187.00 which i have been forced to pay. In a span of 3 months i have to almost INR 1 Lakhs to Noida for the bills they prepared. Surprisingly i have see a service guy has taken 20 minutes for remove the head and fit it back in 15 minutes totalling to 35 minutes but Noida Ford charged me INR 55,00.00 considering it a job of 10.28 Hrs.

2nd Incident: Today i.e. on 17.08.2018

Reason of Visit: Normal service with Oil change

Problem while handling over to Noida Ford: Nil

Agreed time for returning the vehicle: 4:30 PM

Got a call around 5 PM from the adviser that Brake and Brake disc need to be replaced and i denied to replace the same from them as they are charging too high. Then i request him to update if any other issue, he confirmed no Vehicle will be ready for delivery by 5:45 PM.

I reached in time and have to wait till 6:30 PM and then i have taken to the car and been informed some problem was there in Power steering during idle condition and they are checking for the same. I was standing near my car and found a guy came and started the car and did some checking and then left. I was just waiting for someone to attend my Car, no can came till 15-20 min and then i request a guy working on other near buy car and he called the concerned person to attend the problem. I was quite strange saying no such problem was there when i handed over the car for service. They have started doing hit and trial and changed the steering oil and found problem has even got versed. I request them to please handover the car back to me. They prepared the bill charging their hit and trial expenses which included Steering oil and other accessories and handed over the Car @ 8:30 PM with no washing and cleaning. I have to pay INR 6476.00 with no service and support.

Now while coming back i realize that Car steering is getting Jammed during running condition also. It seems that they have done some blunder mistake with my Car and the moment i reached my home i called the GM of Noida ford and he want me to give Car back to him to rectify the issue and assured i will be charged normal rates for the same. I am quite surprised my car was running fine, today i went for servicing and i paid INR 6476.00 and brought a problem with me of steering and again Noida ford is trying to make money and for sure they will come back to me with big bills. My car in in the name of my Company and may be this is the reason they are trying to take money.

I request Ford India to look into this case seriously and get my car rectified at some other service center without any cost to me.

Also i want to make people and companies aware not to buy Cars from Ford as going to Service centre like Noida ford make your both hands empty by filling their pockets with greediness.


Gagan Baghla

+91 8800766788

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