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my daughter took my car in for rotation of tires and she was refused service because she is not registered owner. She takes my car in for service all the time and has since I bought it. She had a flat near same store a few days later and while she knew Customer service was not the best she went in and ased for assistance. She said they could not have been nicer to her. so do they run hot and cold or what.

oh yes I resent the draawing on their site. and I need to add 5 words to hit min. DONE!

Pearl McCarty

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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She's probably dealing with different people each time, and when she was refused service, I'll bet it was someone following policy. If they worked on this car, for her, you could easily sue them for working on your car against your will.

They did this for their own protection, not to be rude to your daughter.

This is why so many business are closing--litigious customers. They'd be insane not to take that into consideration.

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