I purchased a 2001 Ford Wind star from JD By Ryder a little under 2years ago. The whole time I have had this van i have been taking it back and forth to the dealer for service.

Found out later on that the service provided under warranty was fixed with all used and old parts which just held the car over until the next fix needed to be done. Do your research on these folks they are crooks. I was driving in the van on the beltway with my five children and as we were riding the back of van snapped and sent us skidding off the beltway. Luckily we were all OK and they just had it towed and supposedly replaced the piece that snapped.

To top it off they sold me a van that needed a brake line replaced so they put our lives in jeopardy from day one. To put the icing on the cake the car stop running completely about a week ago, it took them two days to call back to tell me I need a new engine.

(Yeah Right!!!) Claiming I had no coolant in the car, I just had a oil change and all of the fluids were topped off so that's a crock of bull. They still expect me to make payments and still have me owing 7200 dollars still after almost two years.

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Its JD By Ryder...what do you expect? Their job is to rip off poor people with bad credit and they do it very well.

They are experts at selling bad used cars for higher than market price at high interest rates.

You got exactly what you bargained for by dealing with these thugs. Its unfortunate but true.


I don't know the dealer you purchased this vehicle from but I will tell you that everything you hated about this dealer is typical of most. I am going to guess but you probably purchased the cheapest aftermarket warranty available from them.

There is a factoy (FORD) aftermarket warranty that only uses new parts and typically covers a rental car. Kind of expensive though. The cheaper ones if you read the small print tell you that they will use preowned parts. As they see it your car is preowned why give you new parts.

Odds are you chose the cheaper warranty to save money...well you get what you pay for. Now as for it taking two days to tell you your motor needed to be replaced, that sounds about right. If you would have sprung for the good warranty they would have said it needed a motor in about thirty minutes or less and been a new crate motor oil pan to valve covers, but the cheap warranty company does not work like that. They have warranty adjusters, kind of like insurance adjusters, come out and actually inspect all parts to keep the repair as cheap as possible.

I have seen them make the mechanic remove a motor and tear it down completely to replace one piston, rod and sleeve a cyld. This is a horrible way to fix a car with that kind of problem but it is cheaper. See the warranty company locks in dealers at a reduced chilton time for all repairs so it is literally cheaper to have a mechanic do six hours worth of pointless labor to replace a five dollar part than it is to pay him for one hour and seventy for a whole assymbley. As for some part snapping and sending your car out of control...I have no idea.

I did not work on it but I really can't think of many things that send a car out of control except bad tires and possible a tie rod end or something of that nature. Typically all of which will only cause a catastrophic failure like that after the driver hits something like a large pot hole or a piece of retread at high speeds. Point is you might want to be a little mad at yourself for being a little cheap and not as much at the dealer like they are crooks. Everyone knows dealers are crooks.

Its just their way of life. The main thing the dealer you are so mad about is guilty of is doing the same thing every other dealer on the planet does.

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