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hi i have been driving fords for 40 years now and love the ford any model as long as is a ford. i now live in thailand 3 years one year ago i bought a ford ranger xls model i could only afford an old ford with the money i have now so i bought a 5year old ranger as i said i have been driving fords for forty years .

i am a mechanical engineer with many years on working on many mechanical vehicles but i am shocked with how short of a life all the components have on this truck when i replaced a part that has gone wrong another part failed it rattles and bangs now with noises from all corners of the truck i still love my ford but i now find i am putting jap parts on it because they are better quality. how can ford expect to stay on top with this truck when all the parts are failing so quickly.

i was a QC for wasteland's helicopters for 17 years so i know what i am talking about when i look at the parts i remove cheap rubbish i expect better quality from fords. i have a lot more to say some other time

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