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In fall of 2014, purchased a new Expedition (trading in an older one). Have been very happy with both, until I recently hit a post in a parking lot, since the backup sensor didn't work.

In speaking with the sales person, service manager, and Ford, themselves, no one wants to take any responsibility that no one told me it had to be "turned on"; the book also does not have one word about it . Wouldn't you assume that all "options" were "turned on" at the factory and it's your option to turn them off, if needed??

Also, the older model never had that option either, so never an issue. I now have a $1,000+ repair that basically is the salesman's fault!!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to "it would have been nice for the dealership to chip in on the repair, but it was all made to be my fault - not theirs" as the author lost $1000. PCJones is overall dissatisfied with Ford. The most disappointing about ford repair at Ford was customer service , but reviewer liked ford vehicle. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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you weren't paying attention to your driving. this is your fault


Was your rear view mirror broken too? You are lucky you didn't hurt someone.

You..not Ford! Don't blame someone else for your mistake. You don't know what they did or did not tell you a year ago.

You are assuming and you know what happens when you assume. ..

to Anonymous #1053274

It was a short, square post in an empty parking lot. I know exactly what they told me at time of purchase and that was NOT included.

Everything should be turned on at the factory; it's the owner's option to turn something off.

Do you check every option on a vehicle when you purchase it, before driving????? Seriously doubt it!!

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