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Why oh why didn't I check this company out before having a kid install a windsheild on my Ford truck. He informed me just after scraping about 5"x1" paint down to the primer that "you know you have some paint clacking off.".

Yeah! Paint flacks off when you scrape it with metal! The *** was actually holding the scraper he was using to remove the old silicone when he told me this wisdom.

Called their shop and they could really care less.

Their idea of making it right is to send another imbecile out to look at it. I offer to send them a picture, but they need to confirm what apparently everyone knows online. I just wish I would have checked first.

It will cost $200 to fix this careless mistake. I should have send the "technician" packing when he mumble/stumbled through the call identifying he was at my community's gate.

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ALL AMERICAN AUTOGLASS OF LORTON replaced the windshield of the chipped windshield from my FJ CRUISER. Few days later i noticed that the metal piece that cover the windshield safety bolts was loosen.

A closer look revealed that the "technician" destroyed a crucial part to keep it on place. Koons Tysons Toyota of Virginia was in charge of this repair and did NOTHING to solve this issue.

They just made EASY MONEY and i made i huge mistake buying my FJ CRUISER there. Do NOT trust in Koons Tysons Toyota of Virginia, I am so disappointed.

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