Thanks Ford Credit. (for trying to ruin my life)

Please let me start by saying I have worked very hard and have paid my bills on time as well as having maintained a perfect credit score for the past twenty years. I take great pride in being a model citizen having come from a very tough upbringing.

The short story;

By the time the recession hit I was on my 5th Ford truck. Called Ford Motor credit three times to try and work out the loan so I could keep the truck. Didn't want a deal, just some time, lower payments, extend the loan etc, etc.

No go. So I surrender the truck. A few months pass and I receive a bill for $1800. The difference they claim I owed them as the truck as it did not sell for enough to satisfy the loan balance. Can't and will not pay it. Next they they send it to their (I believe in house law office). Bill now $2400. Next they place lien on my home. Next they place a lien on my checking accounts. Finally they get a court order to have my own company garnish my wages for the now due $3750.

A proud American self employed blue collar worker who is raising a family proud to drive an American made truck, no more.

I am shocked and amazed at how Ford has handled the matter. After watching this country crumble, and witnessing first hand how hard working Americans are being treated I have to say I am no longer a proud American, but rather a man on a mission to survive and play by the new rules as needed to feed my family. Rules made by me half the time. I could on and on.

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Your rules dont mean ***!!!!!! Be a man and pay what you owe excuse making deadbeat! Good people end up paying more because of losers like you!!!!!


Typical DEADBEAT that claims how Great they are when really all they are is someone blaming the world with their lame BEHAVIOR!!!!!!! Way to go LOSER!!!!!!!

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