I gave my vehicle to Shawnee Mission Ford for hail damage repair in April of 2014. Today 5/29/2014 was the third time I picked my car up from them. I've had to repeatedly return it to them since the initial hail damage repairs were done. The first time I received my car the inside ceiling was FILTHY! There was not one spot where there wasn't a dirty fingerprint. There was even an orange mark that looked like someone had been eating Cheetos or Doritos, and simply wiped their fingers on the ceiling cloth. I took it back and Shawnee Mission Ford had it cleaned. Then a couple of days after that I noticed that when I opened the tailgate the cover at the bottom of the main arm was dangling. I took it back to Shawnee Mission Ford and Tim Dykes took it into the shop, brought it back to me in about 10-15 minutes and said it was repaired. Well shame on me for not checking right then but I was on my lunch break and had to get back work. Needless to say that evening I opened the tailgate and the cover was still hanging off. This is the time I also noticed there were "3D" swirls in the "new" hood that they installed due to the hail damage. I took it back and was told they would order the part and do all the work at the same time. Before I had a chance to get these problems repaired I tried washing the rear window only to find the water rushing out of the ceiling on the inside of the car over the dashboard. I dropped my car of Tuesday 5/27/2014 for these problems to be taken care of. I called and left a message for Tim Dykes to make sure they cleaned the Blue stains from where the washer fluid had run to the middle of the ceiling cloth.

Well I pick up my car today and not only are the stains still there, but the trim on both sides between the doors and the windshield has not been properly installed.

I AM FINISHED!! I purchased this automobile from Shawnee Mission Ford against my better judgment and this is what happened. The Hail damaged has been repaired but they have literally ruined my car

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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