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they give me a raw deal,at the time I owned my car I was going through a tough time being a single mom had no clue in buying a car ,they had me sign papers that I had no idea it was late all I wanted was go home pick up my son from the baby sitter,this people took advantage of the fact ,come to find out next day ,they ownend my car + I had gotten stuck with a car payment that was out my reach.I was furious out of my mind I had asked to talk to the man that cause the issue,the general manager had told me he was in charge and it was beyond him to change the fact,he offered to change the deal with another car ,gave me a choice to keep the $500 a moth payment or choose a different car the one that a got was a toyota hybrit almost $300 a month ,I left the place in tears for the whole ordeal,today the car is not paid for yet $6,000 left to pay for and I have nothing but problems with it tell my if this was a good deal ....

As a first time buyer from a dealership in fairfax ,va was very unfogettable ,believe me it change the way I see people today...

Monetary Loss: $15.

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They "made" you sign papers? Please.

Yeah, they held you hostage with a gun to your head til you signed. If you don't know what the papers say, here's a clue...DON'T SIGN THEM.

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