So in summer 2013 the transmission died on my 80 year old mother's 2010 Ford Fusion. The car had 64k miles on it.

A three year old car that needs a brand new, $5000 transmission? You'd think the company that made it would care - or maybe they don't care that it's a lemon of a car, but my mother was EIGHTY years old and owned Ford cars since she was 16 years old. They did not give a ***. They gave her the runaround for 2 months until I finally helped her, through relentless badgering, get them to bring the price of the new transmission down to $2000.

So much for loyalty back to your customers. And why does a 3 year old car need a new transmission. Now its 2014 and my mother died. Does Ford say they're sorry before launching into a spiel about how she has 18 payment left?

Oh no, the Ford Credit person could not have been less helpful.

My conclusion, NEVER buy cars from this crappy company, because they're crappy cars, and the people have no idea what customer service means. Too bad they didn't go down the drain when the economy tanked.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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