February 11, 2008

Sydney Flinn

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Ford Motor Company

Hello my name is Sydney Flinn and I was the proud owner of a new (used) 2002 Ford, Explorer. I purchased this utility sport vehicle in November 2005 for a few reason,

a. The Ford Motor Company is known for being a proud #1 solid American owned Corporation.

b. Safe, strong, durability and strengths in all there autos and trucks. "The only auto/truck you would ever need to buy".

c. Strong customer service department

d. Strongly built products

e. Your auto and trucks would out last all other competitors. Ect.

I purchased the sport utility vehicle because I'm a resident in Kansas and my home is in Wisconsin. So I needed a vehicle that served not only in the city, but was strong enough to carry my son and myself in safety between States. Since I bought this vehicle in November 05 it had aprox. 30,000 mile on it and it currently has 47,000 miles currently. I first ran into my first problem in April 2006, I call a U-haul company to rent a vehicle tow bar to retrieve my other vehicle from Wisconsin. I was informed that this particular make/model vehicle could not tow because of the rear sway bar. This vehicle has a Tahoe package, which has a rear hitch, attached. When purchasing this vehicle the hitch was one of the features I considered before purchasing. In July 2006 the inner panel lights: brake and 4X4 started lighting up and I call back to Car Hop (company I brought the vehicle from) and the sells man told me that if I added gas to the vehicle while it was still running, this caused these lights to appear and that I would have to turn the vehicle off before adding gasoline. This vehicle was then used only to travel to Wisconsin and back to Topeka.

In November 2006 I barely was able to drive the vehicle. When vehicle was unable to turn without screeching, thumbing and a strong burning smell. I took it into one shop and was told that its winter and the 4-wheel drive were doing its job. The smell was facture burn-off; even I know that was not the problem. I took it into Midas 1-10-07 which informed me that the vehicle was stuck in 4X4 all the time and that the Trans-box has burned-up (the smell). They repaired the vehicle ($991.00), the cost ran me over a thousand once I add-on the cost of a useful vehicle over this time frame. This vehicle had 41,000 miles in January 07.

In September 07, this vehicle would not remain charged and it started grinding and sticking again. The vehicle currently has 47,000 miles on it and again I'm faced with problems, I took it back to Midas for repair on 1, 2008. Now the entire computer box is burned out and again the costs of the repairs are expensive. I've call my maintenance plan and they consider the first repair was unauthorized and a year old, and the current repair the computer panel is not cover under my plan.

I'm very upset, I have America's number 1 seller a "Ford" and I haven't put on 20,000. This Ford Explorer doesn't have 48,000 and it has these types of problems. I've had this vehicle over two years and drove it only a few months in this 26-month period. This situation is a nightmare; this vehicle is a "lemon". I'm extremely disappointed in this Ford product and I wouldn't believe that your corporation would create such a vehicle.

I've contacted the Consumer Protection Agency to report the problems I'm having with this vehicle and they requested all the above information. When I purchased, Where I purchased, whom I spoken with, All repair shops. I was also asked if I contacted anyone with The Ford Motor Company and I replied no, that's why I'm doing so now. At this time I have no faith in this vehicle abilities and I afraid of getting on the highway just myself and son trying to drive from Kansas to Wisconsin. I know I'm only one person and I sure one person doesn't really make a difference, but I though you may what my opinion.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I have a 2003 Expedition with 80,000 miles that needs a new motor...had converters replaced under warranty at 77,000 miles and nothing but problems since now this


Don't feel bad, in same boat.

Right now, my 2002 Ford Explorer 4X4, is sitting in the garage w/a blown engine.

Bought vehicle brand new and babyed it. As it got up in miles, ran synthetic oil in it. Well, didn't help. Took to my mechanic and he told me that those engines were known to have problems....

Besides having the same problems that other Explorer owners are having, now I have a blown engine at 110k. I am the original owner and know how this vehicle was taken care of.

Also, have had problems w/4WD getting stuck, service engine soon and abs lights coming on with no problems with vehicle (did it when it only had 500miles on it), cracked rear panel, transmission problems. The list goes on.

I am very angry because I paid good money for this vehicle and now it sits in the garage awaiting a new engine.

Will never buy another Ford or Chrysler (had whole another set of problems w/Grand Cherokee also purchased new) again. Currently driving a 1999 Montana w/180k on it. No major problems there!


Preston City, Connecticut, United States #22276

I can't imagine any of this was operator error?

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