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This place is horrible! Don't waste you time even talking to these people.

They'll tell you anything and everything you want to hear! Once you start doing business, they won't negotiate with you at all! These are not just the sales associates but the managers as well. After agreeing with one of the representatives to do a dealer trade, the next day they refused it.

They ended up telling me to go fly in another state to the other dealer and get it myself. NO JOKE!!! They just lied to me to get me to their dealership, in order to try to sell me cars I didn't want on their lot. Which their inventory *** because they don't have any top of line models.

They weren't willing to give me any FORD REBATES and the DISCOUNTS they were marketing because they were losing money. It's that the case, then don't advise This is after negotiating over three months on everything! After 10 minutes, I told them forget...and don't try to sell me a car I don't want.

I didn't bother wasting anymore time because it was obvious they were trying to hussle me. I ended up going to another Ford towards east bay, and thank goodness I did.

I got the car I wanted for about $2,500 off on a 2011, better than what Stevens Creek Ford was ever offering for the same model. I got the exact car I wanted for a better price, than what I was even looking for to begin with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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