I went to the just brakes for the $99.00 special Ford Ranger pickup. Jim told me that I really needed to have my bearings re-packed; I reminded him that, that service was in the $99.00 package. We agreed the special would be performed and that my Truck would be ready.

later Larry called agitated. Larry told me that my calipers pistons were out of round needed to be replaced. All the ball joints needed to be repacked with grease. And I had to replace the entire rotor all at an enormous cost.

I told Larry that the extra work was not necessary I just had that work performed 50K. Larry got angrier because I was not buying in to his game. He said this was an absolute necessity and if I didn't get this work performed now he would set my truck back on the ground. I said sure no problem I can always go to Midis or Good Year as they also had $99.00 brake specials and I would be by at noon to pick it up. That is when he hung up on me.

Stay away from just brakes go to anybody else and pay more I found out they cannot be trusted to give you any valid information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Pickup Truck.

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