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Was hospitailized and feel behind only 31 days and only one day behind in payments nasty treats and indignunt treats made by reps

was told they would allow me to pay on a wednesday 300 dollars and then in the next two weeks pay them 300 dollars a week to catch up

next day calling to say my car will be repoed if i dont pay that manth and only 31 days late and the next month tried to explain and they got indignent and tried to belittle my wife she was in tears so i took over the conversation i told them what i could do and they said well expect your car to be repoed

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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don't everyone wish they could be as perfect as this ***.

Common sense sucks donkey________


Number one this is a credit complaint not an auto complaint. Ford Motor Company isn't calling you, Ford Credit or some other finance company is.

Put yourself in their shoes.

I'm sure the collection agent has never heard, "I was sick" or "it's only a little late" before. Stop blaming the company for trying to collect a legitimate debt, pay what you owe and move on.

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