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would like to known what happen between ford and u-haul.have a 1998 xtl 4x4 u-haul not rent one to explorer owners ,has something to do with the safety of the vehicle have pulled there trailer before with no problems if you keep to the speed limit.i would to find out what happen. they will let me rent one if had a just a plane old ford any thing but a ford explorer.i phone our local u-haul and the company head office,friday july 23 to rent one take a few thing to calgary for a widow lady,u-haul say will not rent one to me because have 1998 explorer,

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ok it is mainly due to the fact that with the tires on the ford explorer caused it to wreck and the driver i believe tried to sue UHAUL for it so now UHAUL wont allow Explorers because UHAUL doesnt want to get sued for something happening.


My ford explorer made it from texas to washington pulling a full mid sized trailer and it had no damage!! I love my lil car!


I would like to know who I can send the bill to due to the fact I had to rent a vehicle to pull a Uhaul utility trailer yesterday. When I have a perfectly good Ford Explorer Sportrac and my Brother has a Ford Explorer. Neither one was excepted by Uhaul.


*** U haul. What a major joke here.

It has nothing to do with the vehicle but the issues was with tires. Physics has shown that you have more turnover rate with a mustang gt and a semi truck. If you drive faster with a trailer your a *** for driving because you need to stop and why would you drive like a car going around a mountain at 70 with a trailer thats just plain stupidity. Every car and truck is different and made differently.

Uhaul, If you going to ban a ford explorer than why not just ban the escape, f150 and a fusion or a fiesta.

What would henry ford say if he was still alive. U haul needs to wake up and deal with reality 24 seven and not live in a *** corporate fantasy trying to protect their you know what.

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