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I have been a customer of Ford for 25 years, I love Ford until I bought a 09 Ford Focus, at Future Ford of Sacramento. This car has been a nightmare, it had to have new tires at 20,000+ miles, its getting ready to have yet another set at 40,000 miles, it has had countless alignments, PCM replaced, motor mounts and the Sync system replaced, now the sync system drops calls, does health reports anytime it wants even during a call.

My transmission slams into gear sometimes and its loud, I have taken it in for that 4 times and I get "can't duplicate customers concern". I have been round and round with Ford sent letters even to the CEO. They don't do anything! This is what you get well, sometimes those things happen.

I have even called and asked them what I could get for a trade in and you know what they said "well, you won't get much because its noted in our computers as a problem". Well, ya a problem you sold me..

Come on Ford why don't you care about your costumers? You wonder why everyone is driving foreign cars...

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