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Shortly after I purchased my 2010 Ford Fusion (from a private seller), I was driving when my steering stopped working. It was so difficult to turn the wheel even a little, it would take literally all my strength.

I would have to throw my whole body into it and work the wheel just to make a right or left turn. FORGET U-turns. Anyway, I had an error on my dash- service advancetrack, service power steering. I take it into ford and they tell me that I have a failed chip in my steering and it's going to be roughly $230 to fix.

Not a BIG deal. I take my car in and the mechanic tells me that in order to get to the part, they had to remove the whole steering column and my repair would now cost somewhere around $1400. I had no choice. A couple days go by and I pick up my car, well later that night, my steering issues happened again.

I struggled to take my car back to ford, and they fix it again... I'll cut to the chase, from August until January, I went through this. Back and forth, back and forth. Finally, one day, the mechanic asks me, are those the stock rims on the vehicle?

They weren't. They were an upgraded rim with a larger tire. Turns out that ford decided to throw their own rims and tires on the car and it worked JUST fine. Turns out, all I needed was a new set of wheels.

Literally. Steering issues never happened again, but I was out easily a couple thousand with paying for rental car stuff and the repair. The whole time, the stock rims were in the trunk of the car. Oh ford, I hate you so much.

After my first ford, the exploder, I swore I would never own another- well, don't ask how I ended up with my new POS FORD, but I did. And this time I mean it, never again. Recently, I received a notice in the mail about extended service for a throttle body failure. Well guess what, it's failing, and now my car likes to stop driving on freeways and high traffic roads- all roads in general.

Love that throttle body. Oh, and that extended service letter? I've got 3 of them telling me to have the throttle body repaired- but ford? They won't do it.

My car isn't eligible. Why send notices to someone who's illegible? Well ford, you made the crappy, failing part in my car, but you won't repair it. That's cool.

I'm sure you won't mind when I crash and die because your car failed me on the road.

No big deal right? Please people, avoid ford in general.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Had the same thing with 2010 Fusion and had it fixed for 481.00. After letter from Ford I gave my receit showing what I paid for repair to my local Ford dealer on Monday. By Friday I had a check in the mail for 481.00.

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