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ford forcus purchased in september 2011.

1. lack of performance vehicle was very slugish vehicle returned to dealership barloworld armstrong with complaint

2. dealership upgraded software to improve performance

3.upond receipt of vehicle a new fault aross vehicle started to backfire

4. returned the vehicle once more to dealership with the fault

5.dealership changed program added new upgraded software to vehicle

6. vehicle persisted with backfiring problem

7. returned to dealership again were we was advised that there was nothing they could do. they needed to keep the vehicle and test it for the week there was no courtesy vehicle so we would have had to wait until one was available we waited dealership made no contact to check on how the vehicle was running

8. out of fustration decided to try new dealership kemster auto bluff

9. vehicle tested and was software upgraded twice (still backfiring)

10. vehicle went for 15000 service came out of service with backfiring problem and slugishness vehicle once more returned to dealership couldn't find fault returned to owner problem is persisting

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