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While driving my 2005 Mustang ( which has only 7000 miles on it) at about 40mph, the accelerator pedal suddenly became inoperative. Needless to say this was very frightening.

Internet search reveals many other Ford owners have experienced this same thing. Research further indicates that this is caused by a faulty/defective Throttle Body. Ford has not issued a recall for this defect. I suggest any Ford owner who has experienced Throttle Body problems report this to all appropriate agencies.

Hopefully this will save loves! In any case if you own a late model Ford be ready to pull of the road (hopefully if you can)at anytime without warning!

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The same thing happened to me. A dirty throttle body caused the accelerator in my 1999 Ford Taurus wagon to stick. My car went completely out of control in a fast circle and took out two fences. I could have been killed or could have killed other people.

My maintenance schedule does not include throttle bottle service, and I am not a mechanic. I feel that Ford is responsible for my out-of-pocket expenses, but they denied my claim because I had my car repaired before getting their written permission. I asked three times and was ignored. My car sat for 21 days on the dealership parking lot, and Ford did not send anyone to investigate.

A letter from Ford should have warned customers of older cars to add throttle body service to the maintenance schedule. They must have had other complaints since throttle body service is on their more recent maintenance schedules.


RECALLS That is the sad part, we as consumers put our trust in the US government to set certain standards for quality and safety. When something is found to be sub-standard it should be recalled and repaired, after all we paid for a certain car for the quailty.

But in reality these auto companies are really free to do as they please, leaving the loyal consumer in harms way. "we can't mess with the auto industry because they provide jobs" But do jobs place priority over human lives? The answer is a big YES! The car you buy may or may not roll off the line with a defective part that can kill you and your family.

And I like the statement about being prepared to pull off the road, that is what kills,is the element of surprise. That's what killed my son and his friend the 20.00 defective cruise control switch in the Ford Product caught fire. So if you drive a ford be constantly ready to jump out,or pull off to save your life.

Personally, I don't think thats a way to live, just don't buy from car companies that do not take responsibility for mistakes. They must be held accountable for there actions.

May God Bless your family and stay safe.

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