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I own a 2010 Ford Mustang, that drove beautifully the firt year. Recently I noticed that the car was not diving right.

At 26,500 miles I took it in for service. I had an alignment and tire rotate and oil change. Got my car back it still did not drive right, so I took Pet Boys they looked at my tires and told me that the 2 front tires are worn and needed changing.

I spent $300 for service at Ford why did they not tell me that my tires were worn down. Thanks Pet Boys for your help.

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Alot of things can cause the car to not feel right, including the tyres. The Ford dealership may not have told you about the tyres because they did not look that bad and Pep boys told you they were worn when they were not.

Who knows? Also, even if a tyre looks ok, it may be off-balance or have another imperfection which is causing it to wobble, trobble, or hobble. The serviceman may have just forgotten to write down "worn tyres" on the service slip. Again, who knows?

I suggest you look at the tyres and if indeed worn, replace them. Keep an eye on them and if they start wearing irregularly or feel "not right" then take the car to an independent service guy for an evaluation.

Not a place like Pep boys or Northwest, etc. Someone with no stake in the game other than a service charge.

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