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Paul Cotton the GM over at Joe Cotton Ford in Carol Stream yesterday.

So maybe others can think twice about going and spending your money at this ford dealership.

I dropped off my car on Monday after hours to get several things fixed with it, and left them a note to call before they do work. They called as we asked and they said that they will not cover the extended warranty that our vehicle had. So I called the warranty place and they said they are on the list and they should cover everything as they are a certified dealership. I then called the service Manager Dave back at Joe Cotton Ford and he still said they will now Honor this warranty. So I told them to leave the car out side and we will pick it up and go to another Ford Dealership.

So after work yesterday we drove over there to pick up the car to then drive it to St Charles to another ford dealership and the GM Paul Cotton started screaming in my face and told me I had to pay to get my car. I asked what am I paying for as you are not honoring my warranty and you were to leave my car outside. He then got louder and kept pointing in my face saying we do not work for free. I responded and said you did no work on my car and I do not give out free money.

He then said he will call the police and I will sit in jail all night long, so he call the police and so did I.

The police were actually cool (as Paul Cotton does this often).

He told the police I had to pay for my deductible....but wait lets remember they did not want to cover my warranty and THEY DID NO WORK!.

So Think twice before you go to Joe Cotton Ford in Carol Stream on North Ave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Warranty.

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There are a few things that this customer omitted in their version. My understanding is that his brother is the SERVICE MANAGER at a nearby Ford dealership.

He is so difficult to deal with that his brother will not service his vehicles. They dropped off the vehicle and SIGNED to have a tire rotation and other work done. After finding out that their warranty was from an aftermarket company, they were notified that they would have to pay for the repairs and get their money back from the warranty company. The reason for this is that many of these service contract companies do not like to pay for the repairs needed.

In fact many have disappeared over the past few years leaving many consumers holding the bag. This can be verified by searching for complaints against them on this very website. We use only Ford Motor ESP service contracts. They were not charged for anything but the tire rotation and balancing amounting to 22.95.

This was again signed for and agreed to up front. When they came to get the car, they were belligerent and attempted to take the car without paying for the tire rotation. That was when the police were called. The Carol Stream Police Dept were not supportive of their position.

We have been here for 34 years serving out community and have one of the best reputations for honest treatment and community service. Ford Motor recognized us for this by awarding us The Salute To Dealer Award in 2009. This is given to only a few dealers every year. It is an honor awarded for community service and charity work.

Please search for it and us on You Tube for further details. Our reputation stands for itself, but feel free to contact Mike Diehl 630-682-9200 ext 527 or Paul Cotton ext 525 directly for any other questions of concerns you may have


Wow, I cannot belive he is still a GM. I get the same treatment when I call Ford though.

So I guess it is just their way!

They wan't everyone to belive that they are so customer friendly. But they aren't telling folks things about their cars they need to know!

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