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Purchased a 2012 Ford focus. Claimed fuel economy of 26/37.

And the commercial says up to 40MPG. The best average I can achieve, driving very conservative, mostly highway mileage is 27. My average is between 26.5 and 28. The car has zero problems and is brand new.

It currently has 3750 miles. I feel cheated lied to, and deceived.

My old car was a G6, GXP with 273HP and I sustained MPG average of 21-23 mixed driving. Had i known better would never had traded it as it was perfect, fast and just a 2009...The only thing that attracted me to the Ford was the 'claimed' mileage and styling.

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yea all the conditions must be right for that claim don'tbuy into their mileage *** that's tested in a controlled enviorment my 2012 crv is right on the nose with mileage per gal i put pure syn oil in it and my mileage is better than honda claimed so I'm happy with my honda did the same thing to my wife's rav 4 also got better mileage oh by the way i hate ford anyway left after 12 cars of junk compared to the jap cars love them and never looking back

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