We noiticed. That the sticker on the window said. As.is.

We told him we would not buy any car with out a warranty.

He said he would give us a 30 day/1000mlie warranty

Which he did not durning our test drive the service light

Came on reading oil change needed . He shut it off.

We asked him when the oil was changed last . His reply

Was it,s alreadybeen done . Then he said they also did a 153

Point inspection . On the car . We waited for 6 hr,s to get

Approved. He said we were approved . They put plates and

Insurance on the car. We also asked for a car fax. The salesman also

Also lied to us and said the car was never repossed the car

Fax shows that it was. Also it showed that the car is 770.00

Below retail value. By 8:30pm they gave us all the paper work

Signed showing every indication that the loan was approved

And that was our car. They gave us a car key and registration

With my name on it. Not to mention a very key factor. Before

We left they said congradulations on your new vehicle.since

When do they let you drive it home with plates and insurence

And a registration unless you bought it. The next day we asked

For a copy of the oil change and the 153 point inspection.

Then they informed us that the bank wanted another 400.00

Which we could not come up with. Then they took the car

Back. But we do not believe the. Ank wanted more money.

We believe that they wanted to sell us a lemon and we

Called them on it. We mentioned to them more than once

About a cheeper car. That car was over 12000. Yet there

Was another car for less than 70000. I mentioned this to

The salesmas and he had no responce. We believe

They were not interested in selling us another car they

Just wanted to pawn the car to us. They never gave us

A copy of the papers we signed for a warrenty they said

We had to buy. The salesman james buch said they had approvel

And we went back in and signed papers. We feel that if they

New that these things were not done to the car they should

Not have tried to sell it to us or anyone else.the nrw the car

Was no good thats why they had a no warrenty sign on

The window. We were scammed !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Car.

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