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The following is what I consider an interesting story that exposes some failings within the Ford Worldwide organisation.If, after reading this story, you would like further details please feel free to contact me either by email: or phone 0033557642745.RegardsKeith Ross34 rue de la Tuilerie 33390 BersonFranceWHAT DO VOLKSWAGEN & FORD HAVE IN COMMON?


The following are some of the words I have used to describe Ford since buying a Mondoe (Fusion) Titanium eight months ago, I have used other words but they are not for publication: -

Deceit – The action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth (1).

Lie – An intentional false statement (2).

Incompetence – Inability to do something successfully; ineptitude (3).

Arrogant – Having or reveling an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities (4).

(All as defined by Oxford Dictionaries)

All or many of these words can be applied to people at Ford, from the very top to the very bottom of the Ford structure – you read this story and make your own decision.

WILLIAM CLAY FORD Jr Executive Chairman Ford Motor Company –

A Comment attributed to Mr. Ford –

"I think the world is filled with so much hype and PR bull. Frankly, it all comes out in the end. Good or bad, I’d rather just let our accomplishments really speak for themselves. William Clay Ford, Jr."

Is Ford also full of so much hype and PR bull???? (Read this story and make your own decision).

"I want us to be a company that makes a difference in people’s lives; one that delights its customers, rewards its shareholders and makes the world a better place" he says. "To do that we are focused on delivering desirable products, a competitive cost structure and a sustainable business model."

Ford has certainly made a difference in my life, all through my life the car I have owned has always been very much part of my life and an enjoyment, right from the very first mini I bought in 1964, through many makes and models. This has changed drastically since buying this Ford Mondeo, now I feel that I simply own a piece of metal that will hopefully get me from A to B!

Contact Our Board.

You may send communications to our Directors, including any concerns regarding Ford Motor Company’s accounting, internal controls, auditing or other matters, to the following address:

Board of Directors

Ford Motor Company

P.O. Box 685

Dearborn, MI 48126-0685


Responses will be sent to those that include a return address, as appropriate.

I have written to a member of the Board as above, in fact twice BUT I have not received the courtesy of an acknowledgement let alone a full response.

JAMES D. FARLEY Jr. Chairman & CEO Ford Europe, EVP & President, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

"So let me be absolutely clear we do not deliberately mislead the public.There is nothing more valuable to Ford than our reputation for operating ethically and legally.

As a valued dealer partner, you can be proud to represent a company that is committed to doing business the right way. You can be assured that we will continue to accelerate our progress on building a vibrant, exciting and successful brand in Europe whilst maintaining the highest standards".

I also wrote to James Farley on two occasions BUT I have never received the courtesy of an acknowledgement let alone a full response. This attitude seems to be the same throughout Ford.

A senior Director of Ford UK told me that James Farley’s office was informed of the problems I have experienced; the lies I was told by a "valued dealer partner" BUT no reaction from James Farley!

The main Ford dealership, where I bought the Mondeo, GAP Automotive, lied, were deceitful, incompetent and very arrogant.

The car they provided should not have left the garage in its condition, they lied to me about the recall, this was confirmed to me by Ford France.

The contract they asked me to sign was far from professional or complete and was probably not a legal document.

GAP Automotive is part of Groupe Parot which claims to be one of the major players in the automotive, truck and van supply and service in southwest France.

The problems I experienced were brought to the attention of Alain Parot, the founder and President of the Group but it would appear that he doesn’t have the courage, professionalism or courtesy to respond. I have even asked Ford France to intervene and ask him to respond but they claim they have no control over him – even though I was told that dealers are provided with incentives or penalized by the service they provide.

I wonder which was applied by Ford France in these circumstances??

I will close by referring back to the words of William Clay Ford Jr – I think the world is filled with so much hype and PR bull.

After reading this story please make up your own mind if Ford are full of so much hype and PR bull. If the same attitude runs throughout Ford from the top to the bottom?

Or is Ford just another organization that only considers the bottom line and not the people who contribute to that bottom line?


DateActionCommentsEarly septI searched the internet for a MondeoMid Sept I found a near new Mondeo at Groupe Parot 23.9.2015I received an email from Clement Charbonnet at Groupe ParotHe had a demonstration model available. I decided not to proceed because I would

have to wait 3 months for the car and it was too expensive for a used car and my

offer was not accepted.29.9.2015A French friend who actually was a Ford main agent 10 years ago

spoke with Clement about buying a new Mondeo.

A quote was sent to me by Clement.

I accepted the quote and asked for photos of the car.

29.9.2015Received an email from Clement asking to make an appointment

to sign the contract and pay the money for the car.

29.9.2015I said that it was not practical to drive a round trip of 280kms just

to sign a contract and could he send it to me by ordinary mail

for signature. I would not send all the money now but would pay a


29.9.2015Received an email with an attachment, the contract.Why was this emailed? The contract was not acceptable because words were missing

from the edge of the document, wasn't scanned correctly. I would not sign such a

document.30.9.2015I sent by bank transfer 5,000€ as a deposit and said the contract

could be signed when I received a copy by mail or at the point of


30.9.2015Emailed evidence to Clement of the transfer and asking for this to be


1.10.2015Emailed Clement asking for confirmation that the deposit had been Why should I be chasing?


2.10.2015I emailed Clement as I had not heard from him and asked if he hadIs this a good service?

sent the contract for signature and asked for responses to my

recent emails. Asked if he wanted to sell the car?

If not to return the deposit.

3.10.2015I then received an email from a Nicolas Saumande saying the WHY NOTHING FROM CLEMENT?

deposit had been received and the car would be ready for collection

on the morning of Saturday 10 October 2015 and to ensure the

balance of 20,000€ was paid by no later than Friday 9.10.2015.

3.10.2015I sent an email to Nicholas thanking for his help and confirmation of

receipt of the deposit. I asked when they had actually received the

deposit and then I would know how long it took to transfer money.

Confirmed that I would be there at 9.30 Saturday 10.9.2015

6.10.2015I emailed Nicholas asking for the list of requirements for collection

of the car as I had lost the original.

6.10.2015Nicholas emailed requirements

6.10.2015I emailed a copy of my passport and an electricity bill

7.10.2015Because of the way my French bank works I could not send one

payment of 20,000€. I could only send amounts of 5,000€ and a

maximum of 10,000€ per day. So I sent 2 amounts of 5,000€ today

8.10.2015Two further amounts of 5,000€ were sent today, and I asked forNever received confirmation of receipt of the money.

Nicholas to confirm receipt of the 20,000€

10.10.2015I picked up the car at 9.30 but very disappointed at the level of The car had been left out in the open and was soaking wet, not looking so good. WHY NOT IN THE SHOWROOM?

service.The person who showed me how the Mondeo worked did not know that much! I had to show him how the computer worked.

My French friend had asked and Nicholas agreed that I would have a full tank of

diesel - NO but they did accept that this was agreed and they filled up the tank.

The contract they provided was the same as the one they emailed me - words not

complete at each edge, I signed the document as I wanted the car but I don't think

document was legal.10.10.2015I had a very pleasant 140 kms drive home.

10.10.2015I realised that I had not been given a copy of the contract and NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY!!!

the provisional government authority and I emailed Nicholas asking

for these and any other items that may have been

left in my previous car to be sent to me.

12.10.2015I received an email from Christelle Maugret - Groupe-Parot saying

that there was a recall on my car!

12.10.2015I emailed and telephoned Christelle asking what the problem was andNEVER RECEIVED A SATISFACTORY REPLY!!!

when was the notice received by the garage regarding this recall

13/14.10.2015I contacted Ford France, Ford UK & Ford USA to find out why & when the recallNO ONE COULD OR WOULD PROVIDE ME WITH THE INFORMATION - SIMPLY -

was issued.CONTACT THE GARAGE - THE ONE THAT WOULD NOT ANSWER ME - IS THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE?15/20.10.2015I read with interest on the internet of the appointment of Jim Farley as

the Chairman and Chief Executive of Ford Europe.

Having read such statements as: Farley will be responsible for achieving

profitable growth in Europe. I felt it appropriate to contact Jim Farley

for his help and advice.

I contacted Ford France, Ford UK & Ford USA to find the communication

details of the HQ of Ford in Europe.

Again NONE could or would provide this information.IS THIS CUSTOMER SERVICE?19.10.2015I researched information about the corporate office of Ford in Detroit.

I was very interested to read such comments from William Clay Ford Jr

as - "I want us to be a company that makes a difference in people's lives;

one that delights its customers, rewards its shareholders and makes the

world a better place." He also said "To do that we are focused on

delivering desirable products, a competitive cost structure and a

sustainable business model".

I also read such comments as: "Ford Motor Company will acknowledge

receipt of ALL communications sent to the address above that disclose

a return address.

20.10.2015I wrote a letter to Mr William Clay Ford Jr Executive Chairman FordNEVER RECEIVED A REPLY!!!

Motor Company raising many issues and asking for his assistance.

21.10.2015I discovered the web site FordEtis which provides assistance to main Ford

Dealers and other garages that service Fords. I input the VIN number for

my car and discovered the primary features.

I also discovered the Outstanding Field Service Actions: 15U29 - MondeoI at least found out the reason for the recall - why couldn't Ford do the same?

steering Column Wiring Chafe.Was this outstanding when the car was sold to me?

I then clicked on Vehicle Software and discovered a very long list ofThe outstanding software changes and updates, should have been resolved before I collected the car?

Changes and Updates that maybe be appropriate to my car.

I also saw that there are Check Sheets for vehicle Pre-Delivery Inspection.Was this ever completed and what are the results? Should I have received a copy?21.10.2015I took my Mondeo to a main Ford dealer - Ford Garage de l'Europe AgentI was told that they did not know or did not want to know about the recall - Service??

168 rue Nationale, 33240 Saint Andre de Cubzac.They told me I could go to GAP automotive 1-3 route de Jourdan 33500 Arveyres, some 30

I drove to Arveyres, which is part of the Group where I bought the car,kms further.

they were aware of the recall and said they would order the part and call

me for an appointment so that this could be resolved.

28.10.2015I had an appointment with Ford Arveyres to have the problem resolved.

This was carried out efficiently, I did ask about the outstanding software

changes and updates - I received a blank look and nothing was said!!

I did talk with a Nicolas Mathieu - in sales and he was very helpful, I

explained about the contract and not receiving a copy and the original I

signed was invalid because words were missing, he resolved this problem

immediately and provided a full copy. He also provided a form that was

completed 2.3.2015 - was this the pre-delivery inspection report, if so

it was carried out some 7 months before the sale, is this correct?

30.10.2015The Lane Assistance stopped working.Is this because the software had not been updated?1.11.2015I sent a registered delivery letter to M Alain Parot - the Founder and

President of the parent group - Groupe Parot, regarding the problems NEVER EVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE.

I have experienced - I await his response.

8.11.2015I have noticed that on the web site FordEtis that the No CampaignI assume someone has amended the website but it still says that the car needs to be registered why?

Message(s) found has been amended.Also are the software matters still outstanding?16.11.2015I received a phone call from a M Pierrot at group Parot.Unfortunately I could not understand him so asked him to phone my French friend who had spoken at the outset16.11.2015M Pierrot phoned Bernard and explained he was phoning in response toWhy phone when a letter had been written?

my letter to M Parot, he provided answered and Bernard emailed hisThe information given was not acceptable, such as the check list is not available to clients - why not??

comments to me.He stated that the recall notice was issued by Ford on 12.10.2105 - this I believe to be incorrect and a lie.17.11.2015I received a phone call from Bernard saying M Pierrot wanted to meet

and discuss the problems. Bernard asked me to contact M Pierrot to

determine when I would be available for a meeting in Libourne.

17.11.2015I emailed M Pierrot and said I would be available on Monday 23.11.2015

at 12.00 for 2 hours.

19.11.2015I emailed m Pierrot and asked if the meeting was on as I had not heard

from him.

19.11.2015Received an email from M Pierrot - yes the meeting is on.

19.11.2015I received a copy of a Pre-Delivery Inspection from a contact in the UKI note on this form it says "Outstanding Field Service Actions - Please ensure they are completed"

This is further evidence that this was not completed.20.11.2015I received information from a Ford main dealer in the UK that the recallSo if this is correct is the dealer here in France telling me the truth?

notice was published on 30.9.2015, some 11 days before I collected the


22.11.2015Letter to Mr Ford as I have not received a response to my letter dated NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE.


23.11.2015Meeting with Patrick Pierrot Director Groupe Parot & Nicolas Mathieu ofAt first they were very protective but then started to explain, the first person I dealt with left the company, the

GAP Automotive Libourne.person who took over made mistakes - not having the car in the showroom, not responding to emails etc., asking me

to sign an incomplete contract. They should have provided a copy of the recall notice from Ford. They still say they

did not know about it till 12.10.2015 even though Ford UK said it was issued 30.9.2015, maybe poor

administration on the part of Groupe Parot. - WOULD SOMEONE FROM FORD CONFIRM THE DATE.

They say that it is only necessary to carry out the pre delivery test when they receive the car and NOT when the client

takes the car???? - they provided a copy of a report from 3.2015

They also said no need to check and update software etc. until something goes wrong!!!!

They have agreed to take the car to resolve a problem with the tailgate and also update everything. The appointment

was arranged for 2.12.2015, this would indicate that they should have completed this before I took the car.2.12.2015Appointment with Gap Automotive Libourne to resolve the problem withThe problem was resolved within 40 minutes but did not disclose what the problem was and what was done to

the tailgate lock.resolve the problem. And no action taken regarding updating the computer.3.12.2015I emailed Nicolas Mathieu at Gap Automotive and asked what was doneAs at 9.12.2015 no answer - WILL NEVER TAKE MY CAR TO ANY GARAGE WITHIN THE PAROT GROUP.

to resolve the tailgate problem.

15.12.2015As I had not received a response from Mr William Clay Ford Jr I telephonedFord really has so much to learn about providing a service to their clients - the ones who pay them money!

Ford USA 001 313 322 3000 but they could not tell me if the letters had Especially when you see comments such as FORD MOTOR COMPANY WILL ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF ALL

been received and could not provide me with contact details for the COMMUNICATIONS SENT TO THE ADDRESS ABOVE THAT DISCLOSE A RETURN ADDRESS and I WANT US TO BE A


already written. I asked for the address for Ford Europe but again all theySHAREHOLDERS AND MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

gave me was details of Ford Germany.

16.12.2015Letter to Jim Farley as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ford NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY!!!

Europe AG asking for his assistance.

18.1.2016As I had not received any response from either William Clay Ford nor JimI expressed my disappointment in them as individuals and Ford as a company, I enclosed a statement made by Sam

Farley I wrote to them both again.Walton founder of Walmart which I felt was very appropriate. I also indicated my next course of action.21.1.2016I received an email from Stuart Brooks Director, Service EngineeringThis is the very first time anyone from Ford had acknowledged the problems.

Operations UK, he acknowledge receipt of my letters to William Clay Ford

& Jim Farley and apologised for the lack of response. He had asked

Customer Assistance Centre Paris to investigate and provide a detailed


21.1.2016I emailed Mr Brooks acknowledging his email and I await further

communications from Ford.

22.1.2016I emailed Mr Brooks and suggested he may not have seen the letters I wrote

to William Clay Ford & Jim Farley dated 16.1.2016, I stated that I would not

take any further action until I had received his response.

22.1.2016Email from Mr Brooks he had only seen the original letters and not those I

sent on 16.1.2016 and he would be grateful for copies of any other letters.

22.1.2016I emailed copies of the letters dated 16.1.2016 to Mr Brooks.

22.1.2016I received a telephone call from Mr Brooks apologising for not receiving any

communications from Ford. It was a very pleasant conversation and he will

ensure I receive a full response.NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE.22.1.2016I emailed Mr Brooks to thank him for taking the time to call me, it was

much appreciated.

22.1.2016I received an email from Mr Brooks saying he valued the opportunity to

learn of my experience and that he has informed Mr Farley's office and

will follow up with his colleagues in Paris.

27.1.2016I received two phone calls from representatives of Ford in Paris but it was

very evident that they did not know the full story at all and they needed

to read the full account to formulate a constructive response.

27.1.2016I telephoned Mr Brooks to make him aware of the phone calls, he was notThese phone calls were made without knowing the full experience - why?

available but a very pleasant woman took details and said she would pass

them onto Mr Brooks.

28.1.2016I noticed Mr Brooks had looked at my entry on Linkedin but unfortunately

I had not fully completed my profile, so I emailed my old CV to Mr Brooks

so he would a little more about Keith Ross.

28.1.2016Email from Mr Brooks acknowledging my email and said he was waiting for

an update from his colleagues in France.

28.1.2016I received a phone call from Suzanne of Ford France, she was asking howNever received an email from "Suzanne" maybe this was overtaken by the call from Stephane Cuffaut Customer

could Ford France retrieve my confidence in Ford. I asked if she had read Experience Manager

the full account of my experience - no, I suggested that it would be

beneficial if she did and offered to email her a copy, she would email me

so I would have her email address and then I would sent a copy. She did

offer to increase the warranty period from 2 years to 5 years.

28.1.2016I received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to help resolve theIt was Stephane Cuffaut Customer Experience Manager

matter, I explained verbally the main problems regarding Ford France,

again I asked had he read the full account - no. So I said I would email him

the document if he would email me so I had his correct name and email


28.1.2016Received an email from Stuart Brooks saying he tried to call me but no Excellent service but did this mean that the garage had not updated the system before I collected the car?

answer, told me he had contacted their Ford France Customer Experience

Manager asking him to contact me. Also he had arranged for the latest

navigation system SD card to be sent to me.

28.1.2016I emailed Stuart and said sorry I missed him and thanked him for arranging

for the SD card to be sent. Also told him about the call from Suzanne and

what she offered.

28.1.2016I received an email from Stephane Cuffaut acknowledging our phone THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT FORD FRANCE ACCEPTED THAT THE RECALL WAS ISSUED BEFORE THE 10.10.2015

conversation and apologising for the problems with the dealer.THE GARAGE HAD LIED!

He confirmed that the recall was issued 30.9.2015 and should have been

rectified by the garage before I picked the car up.

28.1.2016I emailed Stephane thanking him for his email and confirming what I already

knew in that the recall notice was issued 30.9.2015. I attached a copy of the

précis and asked for his comments, regarding Ford in France, after he had

read the document.

29.1.2016I emailed Stephane and asked him, 1 - to explain the comments in the

Section headed Downtime Management on FordEtis and 2 - where was the

car built and where was it from 12.2.2015 to 10.10.2015.

29.1.12016Received an email from Stephane the wording is confusing, my car is

registered but he would ask for the wording to be removed or rephrased.

29.1.2016I emailed Stephane and thanked him for the info but could he reply to part

2 of my previous email.

1.2.2016Received an email from Charlie Fox Recall Program Coordinator telling me

SD card is on its way and provided info to track the parcel.

1.2.2016I emailed Charlie and thanked him.

1.2.2016SD card arrived. Emailed Stuart to say thanks.The new card was reference F5 the card removed was F3 - when was F3 issued and when was F4 issued.1.2.2016Emailed Stuart and asked when F3 and F4 cards were issued.

1.2.2016Received an email from Stuart, F3 issued 29.9.2014 & F4 issued 16.6.2016.When I received the car there was an out of date SD F3 card in the car, should have been replaced with F41.2.2016Emailed Stuart and thanked him for the information.

4.2.2016Email from Stephane not able to answer beyond Ford France but highlightingWhy didn't he read my previous email where I asked for his comments ONLY relating to Ford France!!

3 functions that I discovered to be at fault. Hope this meets my expectations.

4.2.2016I emailed Stephane asked him to read my previous email where I only wanted

comments on Ford France and he has not tackled the problems and

inconvenience I have experienced. Asked him to consider compensation

beyond that already offered - free check on my car & 5 year warranty.

4.2.2016Email from Stephane dealers are incentive/penalized by the service theyWhat did Ford do on this occasion?

provide and the Parot group will receive what is appropriate.

Offered, on top of what has already been offered, 3 years free service.

4.2.2016I emailed accepting: 5 year warranty, 3 years free maintenance which would

include 3 annual services, car to be checked and letter of apology from Mr Parot.

4.2.2016Email from Stephane confirming the 3 main points and that Ann-Lise Suzanne

will liaise with me and he will ask Mr Parot to write to me.

5.2.2016I emailed Stephane thanking him and asking him to respond to the two

outstanding points on where the car was manufactured and where was it

between 12.2.2015 and 10.10.2015

5.2.2016Email from Stephane built in Valencia and delivered to dealer 2.3.2015.So car was 8 months old when I bought it as a new car.5.2.2015I emailed Stephane and thanked him for the info.

8.2.2016Received an email from Anne-Lise Suzanne, confirming 5 year warranty andCertainly didn't read in full the précis I sent.

3 year service free. And she trying to arrange an appointment at the garage

in St Andre de Cubzac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.2.2016I emailed Stephane, copying him on the email I received from Suzanne, askingWhat can I say????

them to read the précis and specially the comments I made for 21.10.2015

regarding Ford Garage de l'Europe. I would prefer Groupe Palau or Montendre.

Sorry I could not reply to Suzanne because the email was a no reply email!!!

9.2.2016Received an email from Isabelle Sarhdaoui she had contacted HQ of Palau Bruges

provisional appointment for Wednesday 17.2.2016 at 09.00, to let her know if

this is acceptable.

9.2.2016I emailed Isabelle thanked her but difficult for me at 09.00 but OK for 11.00,

could she confirm 11.00 OK for 17.2.2016 and also that Palau provide me with a

written report on what they check and what they find.

11.2.2016Received an email confirming the appointment at 11.00 on 17.2.2016.

11.2.2016I emailed a thanks

17.2.2016Appointment at Palau at Bruges at 11.00 I arrived at 10.30 and a friendlyWHAT'S THE MATTER WITH FRANCE???? Why should I have to pay a 1000€ deposit and pay for fuel when the problem

mechanic took the car and said it would be about an hour, so I waited in theis Ford's?????????????? If the original garage had done the job properly I would not have to waste my time.

waiting room. At 11.40 I was told that there is a problem with the car and it will

be necessary to keep the car until tomorrow - not a serious problem. I signed

for a Fiesta had to pay a 1000,€ deposit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And told I would have to pay

for fuel.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18.2.2016I received a telephone call from Isabelle telling me that the Director of Palau

Bruges knows that there is no cost to me. Once I have the car back and all is OK

she will write to me confirming the agreement.

18.2.2016Nothing heard from Palau Bruges, so emailed Isabelle at 15.24Customer Service?????18.2.201616.57 Not heard from Isabelle, so phoned her, she had been in meetings but

would phone Palau Bruges and find out what is happening.

18.2.201617.11 Isabelle phoned me, Palau wants to test drive the car tomorrow morning,Why oh why couldn't the garage phone me - Does anyone know about Customer Service????

so the car will be available late morning. I said I had a delivery in the morning

so would pick the car up at 14.00, she would relay this to the garage tomorrow


18.2.2016Email from Stuart Brooks he is also having difficulty understanding why this has notNot sure this actually happened.

been progressed as you might expect. He is in the background and will continue to

maintain an active role in bringing this complaint to a satisfactory conclusion.

18.2.2016I emailed back to Stuart thanking him for his email and being in the background and

maybe this exercise could be used as an education tool.

19.2.2016Received a phone call from Palau Bruges car is ready, will collect at 14.00

19.2.2016Picked up the car and the report, which was handwritten and didn’t really explain

the full problem and solution.

19.2.2016Emailed Isabelle stating I had collected the car and I asked her a few questions.

19.2.2016Received a phone call from Isabelle, she received my email but is going on HolidayGood service letting me know her situation.

for a week - no problem deal with my email on her return. Explained about the

service - can't be for 3 years as this would only mean 1 service. No it is 3 services.

24.2.2016I emailed Stuart Brooks with a copy of the report stating I did not feel this was what

should have been issued and was unprofessional.

24.2.2016Stuart responded to my email and asked if the dealer had provided me with his own

summary of what was checked and found.

24.2.2016I responded that he had received a copy of everything I had received from the garage

- so the answer is NO. I said I did not think it would be beneficial progressing this

matter with the garage any further but I had raised a couple of questions with


27.2.2016I sent an urgent email to Isabelle, Stephane and Stuart, because my car failed to start

and there was a warning sign that appeared on the dashboard. What action do

they recommend?

28.2.2016I received a response from Stuart who was in Shanghai, saying that the warning

was unknown to him but should contact garage Palau. Isabelle and Stephane were

out of the office for a period.

29.2.2016 I sent a copy of the warning sign to Isabelle & Stephane and a copy to Stuart so

that they were aware of the problem.

29.2.2016I received an email from Isabelle saying that she had contacted M. Daupagne a

Director at Palau Bruges and he would contact his technical team and come back to


29.2.2016I received an email from Isabelle confirming an appointment at Palau Bruges on

Wednesday 2.3.2016 at 11.00.

2.3.2016I arrived at Palau Bruges at 10.45 for an appointment, according to Isabelle, at 11.00More total incompetency and why didn't the mechanic at least put the car on the computer to see if everything was

I was promptly told that there was NO appointment!!in order?

The woman was very helpful and phoned Paris to speak to Isabelle but she was not

in the office that day. She tried to contact M. Daupagne, a director of Palau Bruges

but he was not available. Finally she contact the mechanic who serviced my car the

in February. He told me there was nothing he could do and if it happened again to

contact the garage or 0800005005.

2.3.2016I emailed Isabelle and told her about the farce of the appointment. I asked her to

consider ALL the lies , deceit and incompetence I have endured and made comments

about what is available as standard from their competitors and the reductions that

are available in the UK AND France and asked to reconsider her offer.

4.3.2016Received an email from Isabelle saying she was sorry and surprised, she had

contacted the garage and said that despite the warning light the "trained"

technical team said the dealer had fully checked the car and confirmed that thereHOW CAN THEY SAY THIS WHEN THEY DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT MY CAR AFTER THE WARNING LIGHT APPEARED????

are no issues. She again offered warranty extension + 3 years or 100,000 kms and

a Ford Maintenance contract for this period.WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?4.3.2016I emailed Isabelle and said I did not feel the compensation did not cover

my concerns over the deceit, lies and the mistakes made and asked her to

reconsider her offer.

5.3.2016I emailed Isabelle and asked the following:-

When the warning light comes on, what does that exactly indicate as problems?Her answer: This light comes on when Powertrain Control Module detects a possible issue with the engine management

Sounds as if this could be very serious!

What should an owner do exactly if warning appears?Her answer: In This case the owner manual says to contact a dealer for further investigation. I also read this and contacted her but

to no avail.

What exactly should the garage do to investigate the potential problems?Her answer: The very first thing the dealer HAS TO DO is to confirm the concern. Once he can confirm or reproduce the

concern, further diagnostic can be provided.

If not the dealer may invite you to continue using your vehicle until the next warning light appears. In this case it would be

useful to keep the engine running.



Finally she said she was really sorry about my point of view regarding the goodwill

according to me.

For my information the price of the warranty extension and Ford maintenanceSO ALL THE LIES, DECEIT AND INCOMPETENCE IS ONLY WORTH 2045€ TO MAINTAIN THEIR REPUTATION!!!

Contract is 2045€ So can't reconsider their offer.

And I had to finalise this matter before my vehicle is 6 months old and had not OPEN THREAT

covered more than 10,000 kms

8.3.2016I emailed Isabelle and said that her email really didn't cover all the matters I raised.

Would she kindly respond to my email dated 19.2.2016.

With regards to the offer I will accept this offer but the offer needs to be made

officially on their headed paper and contain the reasons for the gesture and explain

how the free servicing agreement will work and the which garages will it apply.

I also asked if I would receive a letter of apology from M. Alain Parot of Groupe


9.3.2016I received an invitation from Parot Automotive to pay for an additional serviceThey must be joking, this just indicates the incompetence of the Group, I would never take my car to them.


21.3.2016I emailed Isabelle asking for a response to my email of 8.3.2016More poor service.22.3.2016I received an email from Isabelle stating that they could not provide me with theMORE OF A COVER UP!

information I had requested - not available to the public!

22.3.2016I emailed Stuart Brooks and asked if he agreed with the email from Isabelle.NEVER RECEIVED A RESPONSE - SO MUCH FOR KEEPING AN EYE ON THINGS BEHIND THE SCENES!22.3.2016I received an emailed official letter regarding the offer of compensation.

It also asked me to contact M. Daupagne to arrange an appointment.

22.3.2016I emailed Isabelle because the letter did not explain what was on offer in full and didAgain poor service.

not mention the extended warranty.

24.3 2016I received an email from Isabelle with answers I raised in my email dated 22.3.2016.

24.3.2016I emailed Isabelle and said I would contact M. Daupagne, I also asked if I would

receive a document relating to the extended warranty.

24.3.2016Received an email from Isabelle explaining the extension was included in her letter.I missed that.24.3.2016I emailed Isabelle asking if the extended warranty was worldwide.

25.3.2016Received an email from Isabelle, when I have signed the extended warranty

agreement at Palau Bruges they will register this on FordEtis so all garages will be

aware of the agreement.

29.3.2016 I asked my French friend, the one who use to own a Ford dealership, to contact

M. Daupagne to arrange an appointment. He phoned but M. Daupagne was not

available all day.

30.3.2016My friend heard from M. Daupagne, he had received letters from Ford France

regarding the Service Agreement and Extended Warranty and would contact my

friend regarding an appointment.

4.4.2016I received an email from Maryes Reignoux at Palau Bruges asking for a copy of my

Carte Grise and the exact number of kms the car has done, no mention of an


4.4 2016I emailed Maryes with a copy of the Carte Grise and confirmed the kms as 6406 and

stated that ALL matters had to be completed by 10.4.2016 as this is when the car is

6 months old and then would be outside of the time limit placed on this matter by


7.4.2016I received an email from Maryse stating that both Contracts where available to sign.

7.4.2016I emailed Maryse stating that I would be at the garage at 10.30 that Saturday.

8.4.2016I received an email from Maryse saying that no admin staff would be available onDoes this mean that the sales staff are not competent enough to ensure the contracts are signed correctly???


8.4.2016Luckily I had to go to the airport to pick up some friends and I was able to do a

detour on my return to sign the contracts.

13,4,2016 I sent a recorded delivery letter to Mr. Brooks stating that as a courtesy I wanted to informNo response from Ford

him that because of the failure of Ford in the USA, Ford HQ in Germany and Ford France,

I will continue with the exercise of mailing my story to the editors of newspapers & motor

magazines in all the English speaking countries where Fords are sold.

17.4.2016The letter was received in the UK.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ford Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Ford customer service, All, False information, Ford customer care and warranty handling.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Jul 18, 2016.
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